- This skeleton has been in the same place for almost 240 years. According to the story, Åne Ånesen was here.

Åne Ånesen lived from 1737 to 1811, he must have been a skilled bear hunter. According to some sources, Åne must have fields over 100 bears in the district.

Åne lived long in Kleiva in the Kjerringnes valley before he lived on Kinneset and later in Lovika.

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Annikken from Oslo discovered dramatic family history:

When 19 years old Ellen Lunney raped her life was over. She had lost the innocence and had nothing to lose.

- His father had fled after the potato famine in their homeland and started a new life for themselves and their family in Kansas.

Just like many of today's refugees sought better opportunities for their families in the New World.

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It is no easy art to conduct genealogy when it comes to the Middle Ages. There are few preserved written sources, and many of those that existed were burned or destroyed in wars and conflicts. But there is hope! This blog post was written by Danièle Cybulskie She is the author of the book The Five-Minute Medievalist, and also writes for the blog Medievalists.net.
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Today is Sankthans, but do you know why we burn a fire tonight? Why someone arranges childrens wedding? Or why many women are wearing flowers just tonight? Urtenanking and busy witches According to ancient folk troops, sankthansnatten was the best time to gather medicinal and magic herbs on.
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Why FamilySearch Is Ending Microfilm Rental & How to Get Genealogy Records Now Posted by Diane

Guest blog post by Family Tree Magazine Contributing EditorSunny Jane Morton

For 80 years, the FamilySearch Family History Library (FHL) has made its enormous stash ofmicrofilmed genealogy records available to researchers through an inexpensive rental service through local FamilySearchCenters.

That's about to change: FamilySearch has announcedthat this service will end Aug.

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Mer enn to decennier efter at det blev opdaget at Lake Champlain (mellem Vermont og New York), en Revolutionary War gunboat, kan se dagens lys under en museums plan for å øke, bevare og sette fartøyet på skjermen.

The Spitfire, a 54-foot boat that's part of a fleet built by Benedict Arnold before he turned traitor, sank a day after the 1776 Battle of Valcour Island, helping delay a British advance down the lake.

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Författarna presenterar mängder with advice och tips on hur coming Word in their hunt for slaughter in America. Här finns 19 olika chapter, bland annat about amerikanska Folkräkningen, consular actions, adressregister, about dödsnotiser och hur one gets Veta more about person erna in tidning pengarna, one often landmarks bortglömd källa. Via Kyrkogård och grave registry gets också a lot användbara uppgifter. Här finns även understand hur man hittar slaughter in militares actions.

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Anders Berg was Projektledare för "Name devoured the döda" previous year. He är an experienced släktforskare, have bland annat large intresse för DNA research och är en by reason pengarna of Svenska sällskap för Genetic Genealogy (ssgg.se). Tidigare under hearth 2002-2015 articulated projects of Anna-Lena Hultman, Ulricehamn, Nara samarbete Carl Szabad och Johan Gidlöf. Innan Anders Berg train över was Viktoria Jonasson, Boras, Projektledare. In the project "Name devoured the döda" Lagg now också focus on some problematic meeting där the sampling of uppgifter är tidskrävande.

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Now, for the first time, you can go through the historic pilgrimage of Carl August Lorentzen in Horsens State Prison.

Burglary Carl August Loretzen broke in 1949 from Horsens State Prison on a manier that was both creative and classical at one time.

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Wednesday, a 20 meter long work was varied on the building fence around Fra Gade to City's building site in the middle of Odense.

The work is painted by the artist Mormor, who has been around town for several months to gather good stories about Odense.

He has collected the many good stories for an 20 meter long work on the history of Odense from the Viking era onwards.

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I have previously told of the three sisters Bolling who are frequently present in Vimmerby's dumbbells from the 1700 century. But there were two other sisters whom they also faced several times in the district court, namely Ingeborg and Margareta Schilling.

The first time we encounter these sisters is a rather modest note in the 3 April 1714 dictation. Johan Linck would then have introduced into the minutes of the court of law that Margareta Schilling had pronounced some loose words.

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The church books sometimes take other than just born, worship and kill. Most of the time there were accidents and disasters of various types that were considered worth drawing. But sometimes there are even more pleasing events. In the Vissefjärda parish in southern Småland the priest wrote under the heading Casus memorabiles (Memorable events) about some events during the 1730 century. As number II, a royal visit is described.

Variable (H, G) C: 1 (1696-1735) Image 381 / Page 753 (AID: v29959.b381.s753, NAD: SE / VALA / 00426) Link

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