The indirect relationship between the two politicians was unknown to Vedum until he as newly elected Member of Parliament from Hedmark hit on the Foreign Minister in 2005.

- My wife's family and Trygves mother's family has the same idea on your itinerary, around Slagsvold farm, explains Jonas Gahr Støre.Hans wife and Sp-leader's mother are cousins. That means Trygve Magnus Slagsvold Vedum and Støre's sons are third cousins.

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It has become popular to check their ethnicity through DNA.

A number of major websites as MyHerritage and Genius that lets you build and connect with immense tree, is no longer enough.

Gradually it has grown a culture where more and more people are choosing DNA to confirm or deny a possible connection to Denmark or a distant peoples in other parts of the world.

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Thirty years ago interviewed club newspaper "Echo" my father Olaf (1910-1992). He was chairman of the club in a number of years and was also an honorary member of the Grand. Here's father's own tale about the club, war and life in Bodo:

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Who were these had nice guys?

Quickly I pulled recognize grandfather. Eventually meant my sister and I also recognize grandmother.

A fascinating group picture, but what could it be since they had Stas up this way?

Old photos often gives us that rotate with the family something to master. For this part of the family, I have had an extra challenge.

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Ernst was christened Ernst Daniel Joachim Stübe following Constantly his birth on 29 January 1839 in presentation-day Starkow, Thelkow, Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, the son of Hans Arend Heinrich Stübe and Mary Elisabeth Twert.

Friederike was christened Friederike Johanna Dorothea Christiana Wegner following Constantly here birth on 9 August 1841 in presentation-day Selpin, Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

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Office managers, photographers, and genealogists create different kinds of files and need different strategies for organizing digital files.

But That does not meansthat Because you're a genealogist, ALL yourfiles need to be organized in the same way.

Think about your genealogy work in terms of your different roles and it Becomes Obvious That You need more than one file organizing scheme.

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In 70 years lived Mikhailo Karkots at fördolda USA innan one brittisk pensionär fattade intresse för honom.

In several decades customer Karkots leva obekymrad but so började one brittisk pensionär fatta intresse för honom. Stephen Ankie has made it into his hobby att trawl igenom historiska archive looking after nazistförbrytare.

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Det är därför Sweden Släktforskarförbund formulerat one upprop with namninsamling, för att moved forward Gränsen till year 2000 so att alla can take part of the unique archive, which är en källa till great knowledge about the dåtid och the present day. The initiative till uppropet comes from the Ted Rosvall, who was mayor of släktforskarförbundet hearth 2000-2008. Frågan about fria digitaliserade fashioned Tidningar on line är redan politik: - The requirements radical change if it shall be free.

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Looking back over the past 40 years since this column Began, the changes in access two genealogical information and research sources are immense.

In May 1977, When we started, genealogists had two research by visiting a records center in person.

And That visit was only after They had mined whatever family sources They turned up from interviews or searching family materials.

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Christian Aagaards bog is a summary af former udgivet, a kind udvidet resumé.

It consists af mini-biographies af the five Danish topnazister.

Our Readers get a part that vide their baggrund and nothing about their motive for that traed in Nazi service, as well as what they foretog himself during the war, and - for those officers concerning - their further Skæbne.

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The svenskspråkiga versionen,, framhärdar with sina The opening oviga Översättningar, at här fall: Sweden, urval of uppgifter about avlidna, 1840-1942.

Vad är då detta? One mega registry över Swedish deaths under more än 100 years, one complement (competitor) till Sveriges Dödbok.

As avid släktforskare pours man himself omedelbart in i denna nya resource for a test drive.

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Alla we have soldiers in harvest, shy most of us have väl åtminstone några Gång varit inside och smakat on a militär rulla or två.

The barbeque inte särskilt gott ...

Det är svårt att hitta rätt regemente och company, svårt att of navigation mellan de olika rullorna och mycket att svårt läsa och rätt förstå it one laser.

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