Death certificates or other documents confirming deaths are very important in genealogical research. But what happens when the documentation is not available? The answer may be to find a burial site. This is a guest post by family researcher Amie Bowser Tennant, who is behind the blog The Genealogy Reporter and also writes for Amie is actively engaged in genealogy research, and regularly lectures on preserving family life for the next generation.

The new Digital Archive does not yet have all the features in place yet, and some of the most heavy-handed may be the lack of the ability to flip back and forth in emigrant lists. However, there is a solution.

In the address bar at the top of your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), there is a number at the end of the line. This can be changed, and in this way you can scroll forward and backward in the source.

The genealogical researcher got a never so bad shock a couple of days ago. We woke up to the news that MyHeritage has purchased Legacy FamilyTree and Legacy FamilyTree Webinar.

Geoff Rasmussen and me under Rootstech 2017 - photo: Meg

MyHeritage as a company is seen by many in our sphere as a big ugly wolf (badly done to the wolf), money machine without conscience, without empathy for our customers, and spreading "family virus" on a large scale.

Legacy Family Tree and Webinar Platform Legacy Family Tree Webinars are now part of the Myheritage family! This means that MyHeritage users will be able to access Legacy's web and online seminars and that hundreds of thousands of legacy users will gain access to more resources and tools. Teacher web seminars Legacy's web seminars, started in 2010, are one of the most popular to learn more about genealogy.

Eight billion is a big number. So big that most of us do not manage to imagine it. But there are just so many historical sources that you now search on! Search your ancestors in 8 billion documents here Historical documents are essential for finding and documenting information about ancestors and grandmothers in our family trees. And now he you search among all 8 billion documents at MyHeritage!

While many of the lighthouses along the coast are easily accessible, others are far off the beaten track.

Here you can get acquainted with some of the many guys along our long coast from Finnmark in the north to the Oslo fjord in the southeast. If you want to go on holiday, after looking at the pictures, you can get tips for your holiday.

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