It is no easy art to conduct genealogy when it comes to the Middle Ages. There are few preserved written sources, and many of those that existed were burned or destroyed in wars and conflicts. But there is hope! This blog post was written by Danièle Cybulskie She is the author of the book The Five-Minute Medievalist, and also writes for the blog

If you are interested in researching female genres, you are welcome to a seminar in Tromsø 22. - 24. September 2017.

The seminar is for both those who have not been kven for a long time and those who have it.

Place: State Archives in Tromsø.

Time: 22. September at 18.00 to 24. September at 16.

Cost: Everyone pays food and arranges accommodation themselves.

Have you taken a DNA test? From today you get a whole new percentage of where your family comes from - distributed across the entire 42 ethnic region! This is far more than other commercial DNA testing offers, and some of the regions are only found on MyHeritage. The upgraded DNA report, which we call ethnicity calculations, is included regardless of whether you are using a MyHeritage DNA test or if you upload DNA data from another provider.

Week 23 is the National Archives Jubilee. The archive fills 200 years and celebrates the anniversary with new web pages and open day.

The National Archives marks the anniversary in different ways. On Thursday 8. In June, they have open day with a number of lectures and activities. You can, among other things, help with genealogy research by our great family researchers in Slekt og Data Oslo / Akershus. Here you can come either you are beginner or more experienced.

I founded yesterday for the first time acquaintance with a new one Digital Archive. The pages are simple and the look is modern. But maybe it has now become a little too easy.

When I finally realized that Find's source was where I had to look for the sources, it went a bit better - it's logical that it's where they are located and a click on Multiple search entries gave some shortcuts.

We have great news! Now you get a complete overview of all MyHeritage data collections in one place! Our new catalog of collections lists all of the indexed sources available in MyHeritage SuperSearch. We have long wanted to do something about the overview of our data collections. It has been on our list for a long time, but we accelerated because many of you wanted a better overview.

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