The hydrogen plant at Vemork was finished in 1929, and was an important element of the industrial adventure that took place at Rjukan and Notodden at the beginning of the 1900 century. It was also a place for the heavy water action night for 28. February 1943, probably the most famous single event from Norwegian war history. The hydrogen plant was demolished by explosion in 1977.

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(Updated 10.10.2017)

I have used an old blog post and updated it with the new digital archive website.

Searchable church books save you a lot of time

I think it's so good to know which church books are searchable before I start browsing through many pages in scanned church books.

Front page at - all the time with great pictures

The latest Digital Archive website was launched this summer. And it must be said, there are not a few who have torn the hair, banned, gray, almost given up all genealogical research because of the big changes. I have been active with Slekt og Data Oslo / Akershus on both Genealogies and Search Assistance at the National Archives / Oslo City Archive in recent months, and have received many questions about functions, "Where do I find ..." and "Why do not I find ....

Saturday and Sunday - 14 and 15 October invites Vålerenga History Team to its annual photo exhibition! The exhibition is much more than a photo exhibition, it also has objects, art, book sales, waffles ... and lots of nice people! Take the trip as well! (unfortunately, genealogists are not in place this year either ...)

In addition, next year's calendar is ready, so it will probably be for sale too. rejoice!

Sometimes you can access some photo cats. That's how it happened when Dad's cousin, Arvid Bjørkelund - visited my grandmother and handed a copy of a double wedding party on Bjørkelund the 7. August 1948. His father and uncle - her brothers. The picture is of all the wedding guests who were there that day - a treasure, but also a nut.

Fortunately for our part - Grandmother, Ågot Brudvik f.

Do scholars know about genetic heritage of previous generations? The simple answer is "yes and no". I have met people who are willing to go through fire and water to get hold of a thing that belonged to a grandfather - while others are quick to throw "the old things". This blog post is written by Joy Shivar, who is the owner of the website, where antique dealers and others can track down atnities and old things related to family names.

Have you taken a MyHeritage DNA test or uploaded your DNA data to Then you have got a list of your DNA matches. But how do you read the results? And how are you related to those you match? The list of DNA matches shows who you have common DNA with, how many percent of DNA you have in common and an autogenerated suggestion of what relationship there may be between you.

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