Thirty years ago interviewed club newspaper "Echo" my father Olaf (1910-1992). He was chairman of the club in a number of years and was also an honorary member of the Grand. Here's father's own tale about the club, war and life in Bodo:

Who were these had nice guys?

Quickly I pulled recognize grandfather. Eventually meant my sister and I also recognize grandmother.

A fascinating group picture, but what could it be since they had Stas up this way?

Old photos often gives us that rotate with the family something to master. For this part of the family, I have had an extra challenge.

Newspaper article from 1893 screamed through microfilm reader. It was like a shock. Who would have thought this about great-grandfather? But when the surprise had subsided, I finally got an answer to what I had wondered for ages. This is a guest post af W. Scott Fisher, who is the author and presenter of Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show, a podcast about genealogy, sent on a number of radio stations in the United States.

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