Thirty years ago interviewed club newspaper "Echo" my father Olaf (1910-1992). He was chairman of the club in a number of years and was also an honorary member of the Grand. Here's father's own tale about the club, war and life in Bodo:

Genealogy Reisa starts with Finn Aamodt jr. & What he knows about his father.

It is natural to start with the first paragraph backwards. It is you, and where you grew up, says Kjetil André.

Finn Aamodt was born 1. July 1952 outside marriage. Mora - Aase - was only 20 years, & in 1954 she traveled to Sweden and handed responsibility for two year old to grandparents in the Old City of Oslo.

A Prestegjelds history seen through a genealogist glasses.

Family History sources currently before the year 1900:

Family history sources for the period after the year 1900:

Digital Archive has its limitations according to the law & clauses calling. DIS-Norway has a searchable gravminne database with the names of 22 500 deceased in Bodo from 1834 to 2013, including 17 600 1899 after.

Municipal archives burned during the war, but Archive in Nordland has many archives from both private individuals, associations, businesses and other public bodies.

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