- This skeleton has been in the same place for almost 240 years. According to the story, Åne Ånesen was here.

Åne Ånesen lived from 1737 to 1811, he must have been a skilled bear hunter. According to some sources, Åne must have fields over 100 bears in the district.

Åne lived long in Kleiva in the Kjerringnes valley before he lived on Kinneset and later in Lovika.

Annikken from Oslo discovered dramatic family history:

When 19 years old Ellen Lunney raped her life was over. She had lost the innocence and had nothing to lose.

- His father had fled after the potato famine in their homeland and started a new life for themselves and their family in Kansas.

Just like many of today's refugees sought better opportunities for their families in the New World.

- Maybe you're sitting on an unknown clock tax.

Many have probably heard or read stories of old-timers in the hands of unsuspecting owners, where it later turns out that the clocks are worth a small fortune.

In reality, however, most old clocks not particularly valuable - but there are exceptions.

And to separate tax from debris, is something you can do all on their own.

In the 10 years, Camilla Forberg from Kragerø pondering over who the boy in the picture is. Now she wants your help to solve the mystery.

- The picture in the drawer belonged to grandmother's uncle, Tarald Taraldsen, which at that time was the caretaker at Trudvang, says Camilla Forberg.

But aside the year there has not been anyone in the family who has been able to account for the boy.

The trail around the harbor are a new form of StikkUT-trail, says Hildegard Meese in Nordmøre Museum

Culture and ride in one

On Tuesday, it put the finishing touches on efforts to set up new signs with pictures that show much of the history of the many old buildings in the harbor.

- We hope and believe that this will be a good way to learn some local history at the same time as you get a little exercise and fresh lust and familiar sea air, says Meese.

If so, then his house in Skjolden in Luster took to burn in March, sprang 69-year-old back into it over the lighted house to try to save 30 years of genealogy and local history.

He has researched the family for over 30 years and in retirement he would Final fill dagane with research, local history and writing.

- There are many years of careful work.

If so, you could walk away with some of these historic paintings.

- If anyone knows the names or men again, so it's just to sign up, says Marit Warncke, director of Bergen Chamber of Commerce.

They have cleared the premises its in Veiten 3, perhaps better known as Rick's Stuene now or 'Gestapo' House during the war.

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