Today, the conservative Ola Grefstad and Johan G. Foss, leader of the history of Fosen, will attend a three-day "cultural history walk" on Fosen Peninsula.

"Three set days are low in this context, so it's not very much we expect to take part in this round.

Grefstad and Foss are wandering with the following questions:

Many of us have experienced less storage on the new PC than the old one. This is due to the fact that the old one was equipped with traditional hard disk while the new one was equipped with SSD.

It was commonplace five years ago that even affordable laptops were supplied with 500 GB hard disk while even expensive PCs come with half as large SSDs today.

Rolls-Royce has presented a rock 'oldis variant' of Phantom before launching its Phantom VIII.

This was John Lennon's.

Marijke Koger was part of the artist group The Fool - and when John Lennon found out he was going to do something about his litter Black Phantom V in 1966 / 67, the artist suggested decorations similar to the "Rom-patterned" cart he had at home in Weybridge .

Alex Arnott (27) lives daily in the metropolitan Minneapolis, Minnesota, the largest of the "US" states in America.

There will be over 4,5 million Norwegian Americans.

This is the eighth time TV Norway retrieves "home" Norwegian Americans, who get tested on Norwegian culture and nature while traveling across the country. There are a total of 12 participants, as many of each gender.

Research has been done at the Department of Sociology and Social Geography at the University of Oslo (UiO) and the Norwegian Research Institute for Welfare Research NOVA at Oslo University College and Akershus (HiOA).

A new study shows that the eldest of siblings take longer education than number two, second two take education longer than number three - which again takes longer education than number four. This will continue.

At the year's edition of the Villa D'Este car show, there was a beautiful 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL in a shiny silver-gray color, the interior was in turquoise, a color that goes on the wheel caps.

Normally, such a SL is silver colored. But most people who bought a new Mercedes 300 SL were not what they call "normal people".

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