The indirect relationship between the two politicians was unknown to Vedum until he as newly elected Member of Parliament from Hedmark hit on the Foreign Minister in 2005.

- My wife's family and Trygves mother's family has the same idea on your itinerary, around Slagsvold farm, explains Jonas Gahr Støre.Hans wife and Sp-leader's mother are cousins. That means Trygve Magnus Slagsvold Vedum and Støre's sons are third cousins.

It has become popular to check their ethnicity through DNA.

A number of major websites as MyHerritage and Genius that lets you build and connect with immense tree, is no longer enough.

Gradually it has grown a culture where more and more people are choosing DNA to confirm or deny a possible connection to Denmark or a distant peoples in other parts of the world.

Kvassnes (1902-1982) advocated sterilizing groups as "retarded, criminals, roamers, drunken, koneplagere, vagrants and insane".

There he argued in his own textbook; Population question. Are our people doomed?

It was released on Brage Publishing for 6. class.

It appears in the manuscript of a book about the National Assembly in Baerum, Morten Haave.

"Proprietary Parelius paa Hitteren and trading post Hopsø" came out of print and is ready for Easter indented on Hopsjøbrygga.

The booklet was first published in 1993.

Through 32 image tiled pages you get a kind of short version of Hopsjø history as one of the most important trade centers along the Norwegian coast from 1700's and beyond.

One of the most important Nordic manuscripts from the Middle Ages.

The original, which is contained in only one copy, is Island.Den first section, "King gift" was penned 1380-87.

It is now published in Norwegian, in three volumes translated from Icelandic "Flateyjarbók."

The 2. July this year is the 15 years since the last lepers in Norway døydde. In 51 years had the 78 years old the woman from the west coast suffered from illness. Most people relatives notables not to what she had lived with. No commented illness her funeral.

In this way lasted utbreiinga of leprosy visualized on an English map from 1891. As ein looks Norway was the raw. There was little leprosy elles in Europe at that time.

Kautokeino man Svein Solheim (49) has undertaken the task to digitize unique films from Troms and Finnmark.

The oldest is from 1930 century.

This interest has resulted in the Solheim came in contact with the Norwegian Sami Mission, which sits on a gold treasure of a Sami film archive.

So far, he has received more than 15 hours with old 16-millimeter films, and this is already digitized.

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