Mia Orum Sandøy discovered that she is a Sami family. This is not she alone. The chairman of Riddu reacts to the removal of the Sami culture.

Sandøy visited the Riddu Festival for the first time this year. Here she can see what she has missed.

Sami traditions are renewed and rediscovered by many at the Riddu festival.

The trail around the harbor are a new form of StikkUT-trail, says Hildegard Meese in Nordmøre Museum

Culture and ride in one

On Tuesday, it put the finishing touches on efforts to set up new signs with pictures that show much of the history of the many old buildings in the harbor.

- We hope and believe that this will be a good way to learn some local history at the same time as you get a little exercise and fresh lust and familiar sea air, says Meese.

If so, then his house in Skjolden in Luster took to burn in March, sprang 69-year-old back into it over the lighted house to try to save 30 years of genealogy and local history.

He has researched the family for over 30 years and in retirement he would Final fill dagane with research, local history and writing.

- There are many years of careful work.

The 2. July this year is the 15 years since the last lepers in Norway døydde. In 51 years had the 78 years old the woman from the west coast suffered from illness. Most people relatives notables not to what she had lived with. No commented illness her funeral.

In this way lasted utbreiinga of leprosy visualized on an English map from 1891. As ein looks Norway was the raw. There was little leprosy elles in Europe at that time.

Kautokeino man Svein Solheim (49) has undertaken the task to digitize unique films from Troms and Finnmark.

The oldest is from 1930 century.

This interest has resulted in the Solheim came in contact with the Norwegian Sami Mission, which sits on a gold treasure of a Sami film archive.

So far, he has received more than 15 hours with old 16-millimeter films, and this is already digitized.

Environment Directorate Trolltunga 2,8 million to stiutbedring, bridge, security and support to the Red Cross.

The money comes from the state budget, after the government and cooperative parties agreed to set of 7,5 million to tourist destinations with extra heavy wear, through the "National Nature trails».

Now therefore the means distributed.

"Rescue operations have been strain on local rescuers and wear has been great both on the trail and infrastructure in Odda "writes Directorate in its citation to Trolltunga.

This is the story of Elsa Laula. The woman who led the Sami fight 70 years before Norway got its first female prime minister.

In the picture from 1916 she stands as a hostel on a mountaintop, arrived at a target, but not at an end.

The year is 1917, 6. February.

The United Methodist Church in Trondheim filled the pews of kofte clad Sami and Norwegians in travel clothes.

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