Genealogy and Data is the nation's largest organization for genealogists, with over 10.000 members. DIS-Norway was founded 12 January 1990 and changed in 2016 name to Family and Data

Genealogy Data's office keeps Easter closed between 8. and 17. April. The office will reopen 18. April.

Our phone and e-mail will not be answered when the office is closed.

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers:

Forgot your username or password? This can be sent from this page.Having a family related issues, someone you want to find? Then you can set this in our Slektsforum.

In the future you will be able to get help to find your roots at the National Archives and all state archives.

Tuesday 28.mars was signed a cooperation agreement between Generations and Data and Archives which encompasses the entire Archives. The agreements were signed by the national archivist Inga Bolstad and Chairman of Generations and Data, Tone Eli Moseid.

- Agreement with Genealogy and Data strengthens us locally and helps to provide user guidance to the public, which we know is very much in demand, says Inga Bolstad.

These days, this year's first issue of Details and data on its way to the mailboxes of our members. This number has the theme "Sea and coastal".

In the magazine, which can also be read on this page you will find, among other things these articles:

Historical records of seafarers war sailors how to read sailor rollers

We also have an article in which three members tell how they managed to track down their vanished sailors.

We repeat our success and invite new trip to the United States in 2017 in cooperation with Escape agent 27. September - 12. October 2017går trip to the Midwest, Arches National Park and Salt Lake City in Utah. Travel managers are as previously popular Jonny Lyngstad and Inger-Torill Kirkeby.

The tour starts in the Midwest where so many Norwegians settled. You will experience the Norwegian America, hear about emigrants lives and meet representatives of the current Norwegian-Americans.

Swedish genealogist day kicks off 26-27 August Halmstad

The event brings together thousands of genus and and history interested people, both from Sweden and other countries.

The theme of Släktforskardagarna is "Vägar till Västerhavet", and the event takes place at the Halmstad Arena 26-27 2017 August.

In addition to a large exhibition with many exhibitors, there will also be many lectures. On the program are including these lecturers:

Gunnar Dahl to write about his family.

Want to know who you are and where you come from? Then you may want to take a trip to the National Archives.

Once a month in the future, you can get help of good genealogists from our team in Oslo / Akershus at the National Archives.

Council takes place on Mondays between 12 and 18, and the exact dates are 6. March 3. April 8.

Different people from Generations and data will in the future be guests in radio program Jacobsen on P1 + on Mondays. Here they take up various topics that are relevant to genealogy, to inspire listeners to search for their own roots.

Performances are part of a series of program on the topic of genealogy. Already Tone Eli Moseid and Cathrine Apelseth-Aanensen been guests in the studio.

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