Genealogy and Data is the nation's largest organization for genealogists, with over 10.000 members. DIS-Norway was founded 12 January 1990 and changed in 2016 name to Family and Data

If you are interested in researching female genres, you are welcome to a seminar in Tromsø 22. - 24. September 2017.

The seminar is for both those who have not been kven for a long time and those who have it.

Place: State Archives in Tromsø.

Time: 22. September at 18.00 to 24. September at 16.

Cost: Everyone pays food and arranges accommodation themselves.

Week 23 is the National Archives Jubilee. The archive fills 200 years and celebrates the anniversary with new web pages and open day.

The National Archives marks the anniversary in different ways. On Thursday 8. In June, they have open day with a number of lectures and activities. You can, among other things, help with genealogy research by our great family researchers in Slekt og Data Oslo / Akershus. Here you can come either you are beginner or more experienced.

8. May is Norway's Independence Day. Do you think 2. World War is an interesting topic you here a selection of relevant and interesting sources that you can delve into.

330 squadron battle diaries 12.04.41-25.03.43 330 squadron operational diaries from 2. World War. Indications of cruises and crew members.

World War II - a dive into the sources Online exhibition created by the State Archives in Bergen.

our Fallen Large and searchable database developed by VG, with basic data from Generations and Data and the National Library.

The weekend is almost 100 of Genealogy and Data's representatives gathered at the airport to get inspiration and knowledge that they will bring back to our local chapters across the country.

It is these that lay the foundation for all the activity that goes on in our teams, and their efforts are invaluable to have such an active organization that we have.

At the conference, the participants including learning more about how you can create local groups for those engaged in DNA related research, how to keep good courses and how to run good source registration teams.

For several weeks the program Jacobsen on P1 + been visited by various people from Generations and Data.Onsdag 3.mai was the turn of our member Mette Skøien, which began with genealogy for a little while ago.

To the circulating reporter Eirik Baanerud she told more about how it was to dive into the relatives say.

Went on beginners in genealogy It was a bygdebok from Raufoss who woke her interest in genealogy, and eventually she joined a beginner's course organized by the Genealogy and Data Oslo / Akershus.

Genealogy Data's office keeps Easter closed between 8. and 17. April. The office will reopen 18. April.

Our phone and e-mail will not be answered when the office is closed.

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers:

Forgot your username or password? This can be sent from this page.Having a family related issues, someone you want to find? Then you can set this in our Slektsforum.

In the future you will be able to get help to find your roots at the National Archives and all state archives.

Tuesday 28.mars was signed a cooperation agreement between Generations and Data and Archives which encompasses the entire Archives. The agreements were signed by the national archivist Inga Bolstad and Chairman of Generations and Data, Tone Eli Moseid.

- Agreement with Genealogy and Data strengthens us locally and helps to provide user guidance to the public, which we know is very much in demand, says Inga Bolstad.

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