Following a relatively short process, the Swedish government now proposes in its budget proposal to compensate the Swedish National Archives for the financial losses they will suffer from making archival material available for free.

In the latest newsletter from the Swedish National Archives (SVAR) it appears that they now remove the possibility of subscribing to family history sources beyond 6 months. This is what they expect, pending a decision by the Swedish government that SVAR is to provide family history sources free of charge, just as the Archives in Norway already do via Digital Archive.

Most people have one or more relatives emigrated to the United States. Many of these emigrants' fate have remained unknown for the remaining family in Norway. Possibly they died without descendants, maybe it's a big American family in the United States you do not know about. Either way, it can be both expensive and difficult to find out what happened to him or her who emigrated.

After the cell phones got cameras that could match the best digital cameras, we've cut pictures like never before. We always have the camera with us and it takes lightly the pictures we want, usually also in much better resolution than what we really need. If we go 200 years back in time, just taking a photograph was a future fantasy and it would still go many decades before the normal man in the street considered it normal to spend time and money on photography.

Have you ever been to a public building or elsewhere and seen that they have wireless networks, but you can not connect with your tablet or laptop? Perhaps you have been visiting a relative who belongs to the now very rare part of the population without a wireless network in the house or maybe he or she just can not share the password with you.

Historical maps have since become very accessible online. A Google search on historical maps will show a number of websites that have collected maps of a larger or more limited part of Norway's country. Two pages, however, are very good for general map searches when you want to see a closer look at how a relative's world appeared in his or her contemporary.

Earlier this year, Sweden's Minister for Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP), asked the Swedish National Archives, also known as ANSW, for an impact study for a possible free access to the archive material that one has to pay today to access. The answer has now come and in short, the Swedish National Archives wants to be compensated for the loss of income this will lead to the archive.

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