Earlier this year, Sweden's Minister for Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP), asked the Swedish National Archives, also known as ANSW, for an impact study for a possible free access to the archive material that one has to pay today to access. The answer has now come and in short, the Swedish National Archives wants to be compensated for the loss of income this will lead to the archive.

Unlike Norway, Sweden has not had free access to genealogical sources online. The Swedish National Archives has required that users have paid over 1000 million per year to access the material online. Now, however, the Swedish government granted the National Archives commissioned to hurry assess conditions for free and open resource information.

Previously it has been released 5 volume in the series ONSØY history, now the sixth volume printed. It is Nils Einarsson Island which has been commissioned by the municipality of Fredrikstad in cooperation with Onsoy Bygdebok Committee and Onsoy Historical Society.

There are a variety of sources to immerse themselves in when one examines their generation, while some sources reveal certain parts of the ancestral history and could be the key to come forward with a related nut are other genealogical sources more as the framework to form the main framework of family history . Here are five genealogical sources you should know.

Through the service "Bokhylla"National Library aims to digitize everything that is released in Norway on 1900 century. In order to get this to be paid a sum per digitized page to Kopinor, which safeguards rettigheshavernes interests. Some books have recently been pulled from" The bookcase " for various reasons, but most releases you can now search up digitally.

You may not know it, but one of your relatives died surely of Paralysis cordis. When looking through the church records for a relative's event of death we sometimes stated the cause of death. Unfortunately, often the cause of death as stated something we do not use in everyday speech today and it can be difficult to understand what the real cause of death.

Kjell Arne Brudvik has an impressive genealogy page where he uses the online genealogy program TNG. Here he as well as information collected some exciting material that makes since his interesting also for those who do not necessarily find relatives in his database.

The list of "Latin Eske words and phrases on causes of death"Is a goldmine for you that itch yourself in your head and thinking," I see it stands a cause of death in the church book, but what does it really mean? ".

The entire 683 Latin words and phrases are writing collected in section which has its origin in an overview of Tomas Ahlbeck from Sweden. List of Ahlbeck is no longer online, but Brudvik got saved it before it disappeared and has since built on it so that today it has become an even bigger list.

Since the list has its origins in Sweden, most causes of death in Latin only translated into Swedish, but fortunately Swedish language most Norwegians also speak.

Do you have a relative who did not eat enough vegetables, it may be that he or she died of "Scorbutus" also better known somskjørbuk. Does it say "Pneumonia" as the cause of death was enough Pneumonia reason.

For that you will not forget it, we've also added a link to Brudvik overview in source guide.

And if you wonder then Paralysis cordis today better known as heart attack.

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