I have previously told of the three sisters Bolling who are frequently present in Vimmerby's dumbbells from the 1700 century. But there were two other sisters whom they also faced several times in the district court, namely Ingeborg and Margareta Schilling.

The first time we encounter these sisters is a rather modest note in the 3 April 1714 dictation. Johan Linck would then have introduced into the minutes of the court of law that Margareta Schilling had pronounced some loose words.

The church books sometimes take other than just born, worship and kill. Most of the time there were accidents and disasters of various types that were considered worth drawing. But sometimes there are even more pleasing events. In the Vissefjärda parish in southern Småland the priest wrote under the heading Casus memorabiles (Memorable events) about some events during the 1730 century. As number II, a royal visit is described.

Variable (H, G) C: 1 (1696-1735) Image 381 / Page 753 (AID: v29959.b381.s753, NAD: SE / VALA / 00426) Link

Faith in the supernatural is something we have lived in the north long before we became Christians - it went hand in hand with our asatro and ancient mythology. You have feared the one who believed to be magician, and exercised this person dark magic to harm or kill others so it was punishable. Already in the old Dalalag it is stated; "If a woman is taken with magic, with nails and hair, with living and dead, they must be called sorcery: forty-one is the cause."

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We will now follow the girl Elijn Jönsdotter (later called Elin), as 1650 was accused of killing his child and who at times was locked in prison at Kalmar Castle in anticipation of the various occasions when it was a trial. Unfortunately, it was a common phenomenon in the 1600 century that a single woman was accused of murdering her own child and then hiding her body or, as it was called, made the child to maple.

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