Thanks to the collaboration between ArkivDigital and Katrineholm-Flen-Vingåker's Relatives Association (KFV), we can now proudly present a fantastic registry that will significantly simplify and enhance the quality of research in Western Södermanland when the register is linked to the photographed original books.

The register, which is produced by KFV, contains nearly half a million registries and comprises a total of 20 parishes: Bettna, Björkvik, Blacksta, Dunker, Flen, Floda, Forssa, Helgesta, Hyltinge, Julita, Lerbo, Lilla Malma, Lilla Mellösa, Sköldinge, Stora Malm, Vadsbro, Västra Vingåker, Årdala and Östra Vingåker.

Now, a quarter of a million portraits, with associated records, are available at ArkivDigital. The portrait, photographed for half an hour from the 1920 century onwards, is derived from three photo albums in Stockholm: Jaeger, Bergne and Welinder. Most of the photographed people are stockholmers, but there are portraits of people from other parts of the country.

In order to be able to access the portraiture register, it is necessary All-in-one subscriptionAnd partly using the web version of ours program vara.

Even though each of us receives equal amounts of DNA from each of our parents - half from our mother and half from our father - we can still resemble one parent more than the other. What determines our appearance and whether we resemble a parent or both of our parents is the exact blend of genes we receive from each parent and whether they contain dominant or recessive features.

To celebrate our latest milestone - 8 billion historical records on SuperSearch - we are pleased to announce that all our large census collections from the United States, Great Britain and Ireland, Canada and the Nordic countries are free for all users in a week!

From Monday 14 August, and during a week, no data subscription is required, and you can search through this gold census of census records completely free of charge.

How much is 8 billion actually? 8 billion seconds are 2 222 222 hours, 92 592 days or 253 years. According to recent surveys, the world population will reach 8 billion people in 6 years, in the United States, people in their phones will watch 8 billions a day and Swedes still have 8 billion in their wallets, which must be redeemed before the old banknotes become invalid.

ArkivDigital now launches a digitally searchable building register. The register is still under construction, and so far it covers building drawings from Gotland, Jönköping, Kalmars, Kronoberg, Stockholm, Uppsala and Östergötland County. More searchable material will be added afterwards. On this page There is a list showing what quarters and town hall rights are currently searchable.

One of 1031 meets Sven Svensson. The register shows first name, last name, title / occupation, town / city, place (town; farm etc), building year and other information (which often contains information about surviving spouse).

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