Of course, like anybody else who has been bitten by this lovely hobby called genealogy, I am doing church books, dumbbells and other old sources to find "just a little bit" about my family, and one life after another is written into my documentation . It is like Christmas Eve when new sources or databases are published that can solve riddles and complement previous research. When the question now and then appears online, how many people have you collected in your database, and someone answers "just over 95.000" ... then I tend to think quietly, how then?

Today there are a lot of channels that rinse over us with information. The slightly older invention with the printed word is complemented by a lot of radio channels. On top of that, it comes a little later, even here with channels of all kinds that make everyday life filled with new impressions.

As many of you may have already discovered, we added a picture information to the software. When you open a volume, you can see this in the left corner of the image.

The image information contains the name of the archive, county letter, volume designation, start and end year, and image and page number. That is, the same as a pure source reference. You can select and copy the image information.

For those who do not want the image information to be visible, you can hide it by accessing Settings in the Start menu.

Skåne's Genealogical Association (abbreviated SGF) formed 1937, and at the beginning it was the most untimely, priesthood and civilians suffered. As the church books became microfilmed on the 1950 and 1960 languages, interest in genealogy increased. On the 1970 and 1980s, microfilms were remotely borrowed from other parts of the country. But in Skåne there is a time before 1658 also when Skåne became Swedish. In order to research the time before 1658, you had to go to Copenhagen where some documents were found in the National Archives.

This is a guest post by Paul Woodbury, a senior researcher at our research partners, Legacy Tree Genealogists. This global genealogical research company has extensive knowledge of combining genetic genealogy with traditional genealogical research, and they can solve practically any difficulties along the way. To learn more about the Legacy Tree services and its research team, visit

When I started for the 15 century years ago, family reunification started with GenLine. After a while, I also found in the Roots - Swedish Family Reunification Association's portal with lots of readable information. Rötters Anbytarforum was one of the few, perhaps the only Swedish, serious family forum on the internet, where questions could be asked and received a good response from more experienced genealogists.

Then it's no longer today.

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