The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend, speak for themselves. De verschillende nieuws media zijn vol van verhalen over bigotrie, racisme, en fringe far-right politieke activiteiten die resulteerden in moord en ook in veel embarrassment aan de Amerikaanse mensen. Men, der er et genealogisk problem som kan påvirke motivationen af ​​disse extremister:

Are these white supremacists really "all white?"

I suspect that many white supremacists will not like to learn the truth.

Introduction: I must say that I have mixed emotions about Rocketbook. På den positive siden, det er et utmerket bruk av teknologi for at forbedre lavteknologiske metoder som har været i brug for århundreder. I can envision this is used extensively in genealogy research and note-taking.

På den negative siden, bruk av ethvert papirbasert noteringsprodukt er i strid med den papirløse livsstil jeg har fulgt for et par år.

Below are the photos and other files uploaded to the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives Database in the first two weeks of August:

Aylward Family Headstone Tramore Holy Cross Graveyard, Co Waterford Photo courtesy Valerie Ackroyd & IGPArchives Click image for larger version.CORK Genealogy Archives - headstones St. Multose (CoI), Kinsale. plaques

DONEGAL Genealogy Archives - headstones

The following announcement was written by the folks at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy:

The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) is pleased to announce that they have recently signed contracts with the Hilton Salt Lake City Center for years 2019 through 2023. Og med det, de afslører en ny to-ugers format.

It was just two years ago that changes in the Salt Lake City meeting landscape facilitated a slight move to more preferred dates.

Du kan for å lagre denne artikel someplace. I have no idea why, but many of the words used in researching your family tree are difficult to spell. I constantly see spelling errors in messages posted on various genealogy web sites. When someone misspells a word, it feels like they are shouting, "I do not know what I'm doing!"

Here are a few words to memorize:

Genealogy - No, it is not spelled "geneology" nor is it spelled in the manner I often see: "geneaology.

The following announcement was written by the folks at the (US) National Genealogical Society:

ARLINGTON, VA, 15 AUGUST 2017- Effective 15 August 2017, you may reserve accommodations for the National Genealogical Society's fortieth annual Family History Conference, Paths to Your Past, whichwill be held 2-5 May 2018 at the DeVos Place Convention Center, 303 Monroe Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The conference program will focus on ancestors' migration paths with an emphasis on the states that border the Great Lakes, strategic waterways That aided the Americans moving west and Immigrants coming from overseas through Canada two settle and Develop the Midwest throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This year's Maynooth Studies in Local History volumes have been published by Four Courts Press.

The series, first published in 1995, has built into an impressive library of more than 130 high-quality theses based on original research by MA in Local History students at Maynooth University. Each is a comprehensive (15k-20k word / 64-70 page) account of a subject, theme or episode in local history. (Full list of titles and authors.

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