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As the leaves begin to change colors, many of us reflect on our own lives and how they have changed over the years. The one thing that has remained for many of us, is family. Autumn is the perfect time to create new family memories together. Here are some fun activities you can do with your family this fall:

This is a guest post by Paul Woodbury, a Senior Researcher for our research partners, Legacy Tree Genealogists. The worldwide genealogy research firm has extensive expertise in combining genetic genealogy with traditional genealogy research to break through brick walls. To learn more about Legacy Tree services and its research team, visit

Have you ever wondered what everyday items used to like years ago? Noen ting vi bruger hver dag er så vanlige at det er vanskelig å forestille seg hva de så ut da de først ble oppfunnet. Take sunglasses for example, which are used to block the sun and protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. Tinted lenses were first experimented with in the mid-18th century.

This past Friday marked the 7-year anniversary of the Legacy Family Tree Webinars. Legacy is the first company that revolutionized the genealogy industry forever, bringing education and exciting genealogy content to the masses in the comfort of their homes. In celebration of this amazing milestone, Legacy has unlocked the 15 most requested webinars for free for one month.

Susie W., aged 39, has been using MyHeritage since December 2015. She grew up with her mother in Papua, New Guinea. She is now married with six children. Growing up, Susie always felt that she looked and acted differently from the rest of her siblings. She asked her mother questions about her roots, but her mother always answered that Susie took after her grandmother, who she never knew.

Today marks Grandparents Day in the United States, a holiday created to pay tribute to grandparents and their unique and timeless place in our hearts. Om du hadde en morfar eller farfar, en Nono eller en Nona, eller någon namn från den ändlösa listan eller smeknamn för denna underbara relation, deras ovillkorliga kärlek, support och leenden för alltid i våra minnen.

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