How well can you recognize famous people from their childhood photos? Today we're sharing a celebrity photo with a few clues to see if you can figure out who it is: Can you guess who this is? Here are a few clues:He formerly worked as a milk delivery man.At 23, he chose between becoming a professional soccer player or an actor, and he chose actor.

During summer vacations, many parents scramble to find fun and enjoyable things for their children to do and keep them occupied. For many children, the beginning of September means the sad end to their summers. While it's still summer, we wanted to travel back in time tand take a look at some summer activities, then and now. 1. Then: Playing marbles. Now: Playing video games.

Most people find they have more time for hobbies and interests during the summer than the rest of the year. Perhaps it's the long days and nice weather that give us more energy to broaden our horizons and inspire our creativity. Whatever the reason, summer is a great time to focus on family history research and unlock new clues into your family's past.

Grandmother Betty Govern, 89 - known as Nana Betty - shone brightly as a bridesmaid at her granddaughter Christine's wedding, in Pennsylvania. In her evening gown and bouquet, she stole the show and proved that you're never too old to be a bridesmaid! At the wedding, she said, "You're as old as you feel and I feel young today!" Image credit: Sweetwater Portraits

Have you ever heard of progonoplexia? According to Wikipedia, progonoplexia, from the Greek word Προγονοπληξια is roughly translated as "ancestoritis," or a deep obsession with one's ancestry. Learning about one's roots was a huge part of Greek identity; being able to brag about ancestors and their past glories. The word was coined to describe the modern Greek people’s preoccupation with discovering their ancient past.

It’s easy to forget about those precious documents scattered around your home. Photo albums are collecting dust, birth certificates and records are stuffed in boxes. All of them may well be lost, if they are not properly stored and preserved. Image credit: Hollinger Metal Edge We’ve written before about the importance of organizing family history research and scanning documents online, but it’s also important to make sure those documents are still intact as primary history resources.

A cousin is a relative with whom you share common ancestors. First cousins share grandparents, but all cousins share a family history bond that goes far beyond that. If you have a really close cousin, you know that the relationship can be very special. (Credit: Etsy) The relationship between cousins is often a powerful cross between that of family and friends. Growing up, they make special visits just like friends, bringing with them excitement and joy.

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