As 2017 begins, the genealogy world is looking forward to a great year of events and gatherings. Lectures, conferences, and appearances are already scheduled to talk about MyHeritage’s new features, the future of genealogy and general research.MyHeritage team at RootsTech 2016, presenting new features

This Holiday season, we asked our users around the world to tell about their hopes and wishes for the coming year. Here are some of the touching dreams that they’ve shared with us. Vote for your favorite entry by commenting on the post with the number that you like best. 1) Serge Jasoigne – France I would like to embrace all the people that I love and to tell them how much they mean to me.

2016 has been a historic year around the world and also a significant year for MyHeritage. We’re happy to present to you the highlights of the year on MyHeritage: In January, we released the new Audio Recordings feature in the MyHeritage mobile app. Now you can interview relatives directly from their family tree profile, and store the interview for future generations.

There is never enough time to achieve everything we would like in our family history. In the rush to find new information, sometimes critical activities get forgotten. So, at least once a year, it is important to take stock and check that we have not missed anything important, to consider what we now need to do what is important and to make New Year resolutions to work on our family history in a smarter way, and to have fun while we are doing it — otherwise what’s the point?

We’re happy to announce that over 6 million records from the New York City Marriages collection, are now online! The index includes given names and surnames of both bride and groom, the year of the license application, and the license numbers of over 3 million marriage licenses filed at the New York City Clerk Offices in the five boroughs from 1950 to 1995.

MyHeritage has a dedicated team of global volunteer translators who help us provide native language pages to their fellow citizens. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Miha Rus, 47, of Brezovica, Slovenia. Miha speaks Slovenian and Croatian, in addition to Serbian which is closely related to Croatian.

DNA testing is the latest trend in genealogy. Join the head of MyHeritage DNA, Yoav Naveh, as he explains the fundamentals of DNA testing at MyHeritage. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to gain insights into your ethnic origins and further your family history research using MyHeritage DNA and our simple and inexpensive DNA test. Click on the video below to watch the full webinar.

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