We've just added the most significant records available for Finnish genealogical research to MyHeritage SuperSearch — a huge collection of 33 million digitized Finland Church Records. The records in the Finland Church Census and Pre-confirmation Rolls, 1657-1950 collection were maintained by the Lutheran Church in Finland and cover nearly 300 years, providing insights into the entire population of Finland during this period. Almost everyone with Finnish roots will be able to find their ancestors in this collection, follow them over time and across various locations in Finland, learn more about their lives, and ultimately extend their family tree by many generations and make fascinating family history discoveries.

Born on the island of Madeira (Portugal) in 1954, Vasco Gonçalves de Andrade moved to Lisbon in 1976 to work and to study psychology. He holds a degree in social and organizational psychology. Married, he has two daughters in Lisbon. The older is a TV reporter, and the younger is a landscape architect. After many years of working for two large companies in Lisbon and in Funchal (where he has lived for 16 years), he took early retirement due to illness.

Fifty years ago, on September 8, 1966, the first Star Trek episode was broadcast in the US, on NBC. Has it really been a half-century? We feel that time has passed by at warp speed! Original Star Trek cast (Credit: TVgoodness.com) Star Trek was a culturally influential TV show that made a considerable impact on society. The show regularly dealt with significant social issues of the day such as sexism and feminism, racism, militarism, and peace.

In mid-May, we gave MyHeritage users who have taken a DNA test the ability to upload DNA data to benefit from free DNA Matching, once we complete developing it. We’re happy to announce that our DNA Matching technology is now ready and live! DNA Matching can open up exciting new research directions, and allow you to find and connect with relatives you may not have known about.

Over the years, we've featured many incredible stories from MyHeritage users who have made family history discoveries. Some have found hidden photos or mementos of their loved ones, others reconnected with long-lost family members or were reunited with completely unknown relatives! We've collected some of their tried-and-tested advice, to help you with your family history research, no matter what stage you are at right now.

What was life like before the internet? I think that people had more free time before the internet. Days were longer, more time was spent with family. Well, perhaps that's an exaggeration. Days were never actually more than 24 hours, and people didn't really have an abundance of free time. It just felt that way since our attention wasn't so divided. For many of us today, we'll be the last generation that can answer that question firsthand.

It isn't a secret, or even something new. It's something you've probably heard before, but just never followed. There is a little-known trick that can make all the difference in preventing your family memories from being lost forever. Family history feeds on family memories, but if we don't make sure that those memories are properly recorded - with as much data as possible (including sources) - then the memories may "change" over time and eventually fade away.

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