Ancestors in the CCC? Search Online Camp Newspapers from Virginia! Posted by Diane

If your ancestor or other relative was part of the New Deal CivilianConservation Corps program, camp newspapers are great for learning about his experience. And it's getting easier to accessCCC camp newspapers from Virginia (plus a few from outsideVirginia).

CCC workers, Library of Congress

The VirginiaNewspapers Project has announced that CCC camp newspapers fromthe Library of Virginia's collection, published from 1934 to 1941 byyoung men participating in the CCC, are being digitized on the Virginia Chronicle newspaperwebsite.

Grants Are Now Available for Preserving WWI Memorials! Posted by Diane

WWI Memorial inJackson, Miss. (Library of Congress)

Here's a project for your history- and preservation-mindedgenealogical society, civic group or scouting troop: The 100Cities/100 Memorials matching grant program is acceptingapplications through July 10 for projects to adopt and preserve WWImemorials.

Up to 100 WWI memorial restoration projects around the country willreceive matching funds of up to $2,000 apiece from the US WWI Centennial Commission inWashington, DC, and the Pritzker MilitaryMuseum and Library in Chicago.

2017 Virtual Conference: Genealogy Technology and Tools Posted by Diane

Guest post by Vanessa Wieland, Dean of Family Tree University

We have another amazing virtual conference in the works (September 15-17), with three days of genealogy search tips, tricks, techniques and tools you can use to improve your genealogy search. Our lineup is still being finalized, but we’re looking forward to presentations on the following tech-based tools, plus a presentation that will compare the four DNA testing companies so you can see which test is best for you.

How to Use the Library of Congress' New Sanborn Maps for Genealogy Posted by Diane

Have you heard the news about the Library of Congress’ new digital Sanborn maps?Nearly 25,000 maps are now online, with more to be added over the next three years for a total of 500,000.

Sanborn fire insurance maps were published for insurance companies to assess a structure’s risk of catching fire.

MyHeritage DNA Releases New & Improved Ethnicity Estimate Reports Posted by Diane

MyHeritage DNA todayreleases its new and improved Ethnicity Estimate reporting, whichprovides your percentages of origins from 42 ethnic regions aroundthe world—more than what's available with other tests.

These regions are based in part on MyHeritage's Founder PopulationsProject, which analyzed the DNA of 5,000 individuals whoseMyHeritage family trees showed ancestry in the same areas for manygenerations.

Three New Ways to Learn About Your Ancestor's Military Service Posted by Diane

On Memorial Day, Americans traditionally place flowers on the gravesof those who died in military service (readhow this holiday, originally called Decoration Day began).Canadians observe Memorial Day on July 1.

Library of Congress

Another way to honor your ancestors who served in the armed forcesis to learn about their wartime experiences and preserve thosestories by writing them down.

Overlooked Genealogy Resource Alert! 9 Tips to Research at Heritage Museums Posted by Diane

You’ve searched and FamilySearch, gone to thelibrary and maybe even taken a DNA test to discover your family's immigrantorigins. But for a genealogist, just knowing the country or region is rarely enough.

To find records in your family's homeland, you need theirtown or village. And you probably want to understand how your ancestorslived, what they did for work, what they wore and ate.

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