The following book review was written by Bobbi King:

International Vital Records Handbook By Thomas Jay Kemp. Genealogical Publishing Co. 2017. 756 pages.

Sooner or later, we all need to order vital records. Often from vital records offices far away from our homes. So we need to find the address, find out what they have, what is the time frame for the extant records, and how much do they cost.

I haven’t used this service yet but it certainly looks promising. creates beautiful genealogy charts, suitable for framing. The information is obtained from YOUR GEDCOM file.

Click on the above image to view a larger version.

NOTE: A GEDCOM file is a file of genealogy information created by your favorite genealogy program. For an explanation of GEDCOM files, see my earlier article, GEDCOM Explained, at

From the Blog of the Digital Library of Georgia at:

In July 2017, the Digital Library of Georgia added both new and previously digitized newspaper titles to its recently released Georgia Historic Newspapers (GHN) website. Below is a list of newspapers titles slated to be added to GHN over the next six months.

In the fall of 2017, DLG will add the following newspapers: is offering a 30% discount on its DNA testing kits. The offer is available only to researchers in the USA.

This Summer Sale reduces the cost of the test from US$99 to US$69, with taxes/shipping costs additional.

To take advantage of the offer, click the image and sign up before the promotion ends on Tuesday 15 August. You'll find details about the Ancestry DNA tests and T&Cs on the landing page.

This is a guest post by Joy Shivar, owner of Family Heirloom Exchange, a surname-searchable, bulletin board-style website used by antique dealers and others to reach out to family members. With thousands of original items associated with more than 100,000 surnames, JustaJoy has become the largest in the world at matching antiques and artifacts back to families. Joy’s background as a lifetime antique collector and dealer makes her uniquely qualified for such a venture.

Last week I published an article entitled What is Going On at the Northamptonshire Archives and Heritage Office? I described an abrupt reduction in services announced by the Northamptonshire (England) Record Office. The article also mentioned an online petition asking the folks at the Northamptonshire Archives and Heritage Office to cancel the announced reduction in hours. The article is still available at:

Now there is an update and it appears to be good news: the Northamptonshire County Council reportedly has dropped the plan to reduce available hours!

Monday 7 August:Public Holiday in Republic of Ireland. All repositories, archives, libraries etc closed. Free Genealogy Advisory Services at National Archives of Ireland and National Library of Ireland will not be operating.

Tuesday 8 August:Irish Genealogy Hour – hands-on research in the computer classroom. Host and venue: Billings Public Library, 510 North 28th Street, Billings, Montana, USA. Free. All welcome. Noon to 1pm. For more information, T: (406) 657-8258.

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