"WDYTYA?" Summer 2015 Premiere: Ginnifer Goodwin's Mysterious Great-Grandparents Posted by Diane

For the summer 2015 season of TLC's “WhoDo You Think You Are?” Family Tree Magazine contributor Shannon Combs Bennett will be watching and reporting on each episode. Here's Shannon's post on yesterday's premiere episode:

The summer 2015 season premiere of "Who Do You Think You Are?" started with the mysterious familyhistory of actor GinniferGoodwin, whom you may have seen on ABC's "Once Upon a Time.

The consciousness of its Secretary of State, at least

Another major genealogical collection is under major and imminent threat of being lost — this time in Arizona.

Unless something changes — and fast — the Arizona State Library Genealogy Collection — a vast collection of more than 200,000 volumes, many of them irreplaceable — is about to be lost to public access.

So our help is being sought in educating Arizona officials, and particularly the Secretary of State there, as to the value of maintaining this priceless resource.

Not happy with the AncestryDNA deal?

The announcement came in just about a week ago, that AncestryDNA had finally begun to do what The Legal Genealogist and many others have long expected it would do: monetize its huge and fast-growing DNA database.

The press release, entitled “AncestryDNA and Calico to Research the Genetics of Human Lifespan,” was issued July 21st, and announced that:

AncestryDNA, an industry leader in consumer genetics, and Calico, a company focused on longevity research and therapeutics, today announced an effort to investigate human heredity of lifespan.

Continuing our spotlight on volunteer translators, we introduce Torbjorn Wolden, a MyHeritage member from Norway, who has been helping to translate MyHeritage products into Norwegian for the five years. A young genealogist, Torbjorn became interested in his family history in elementary school. We did a project where we would make our own family tree (which I still have) and show it to the rest of the class.

A soul lost to a devastating illness

When the telephone rings at five o’clock in the morning, you know the news is not going to be good.

And that morning in June, 10 years ago, The Legal Genealogist‘s family had been expecting some bad news.

My mother’s oldest brother, my Uncle Billy, was born in 1919, and had been ailing for some time. He had had ups and downs, and more downs than ups there in 2005.

The following is a Plus Edition article written by and copyright by Dick Eastman. 

Are you confident of the accuracy of your genealogy data? You might be amazed at how many databases I see that include mothers giving birth at the age of three, marriages at age twelve, or deaths at the age of 135. Sometimes you even find a person with a birth date prior to those of his parents.

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