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The recent Hurricane Harvey, the present Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Jose presently in tropical waters that might head northward all bring to mind questions, such as “How do I protect my personal belongings and information?”

I cannot speak to protecting belongings. However, I have written many times about preserving personal genealogy information that perhaps you spent years accumulating. The same procedures will also protect your family documents, insurance policies, photographs, and much more of the paper we all accumulate.

Monday 11 September:NLI Reading Room and Manuscript Room closed. Venue: National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. On-going Monday closures are to facilitate extensive redevelopment of the building. All other services/exhibitons/cafe, including Genealogy Advisory Service, operate as normal. Details.

Monday 11 September:'The Big Four' of the White Star Fleet, with Mark Chirnside. Hosts: The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland and the Belfast Titanic Society.

Today marks Grandparents Day in the United States, a holiday created to pay tribute to grandparents and their unique and timeless place in our hearts. Whether you had a Grandma or Grandpa, a Nono or a Nona, or any name from the endless list of nicknames for this wonderful relationship, their unconditional love, support, and smiles live forever in our memories.

I have written about Evernote dozens of times. (See for my past articles.) It is a cross-platform app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. It is my most used program, after email, a web browser, and a cloud-based genealogy program. Now Zainab Hasnain has written an article telling you how to organize most everything in your life with Evernote, not just genealogy data.

Genealogy cruises have become quite popular and several have been described in this newsletter in recent years. (See for some of my past articles about genealogy cruises.) Now a new player is has partnered with Go Ahead Tours to launch heritage-geared tour offerings, led by an expert genealogist and based on your own DNA test.

AncestryDNA and Go AheadTours will offer tours of Ireland, Italy, and Germany in 2018 to start.

RootsIreland is offering a 12-month subscription to its database with a whopping one-third off the normal price.

Discounts of this size don't come along very often, so be sure to take advantage during the promotion, which runs until 11:59pm (Dublin time) on Sunday 17 September.

The unique RootsIreland database holds more than 20 million records. Among its top treasures are its collection of register transcriptions from Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland and Presbyterian churches, plus many from Methodist, Baptist, Quaker and other smaller denominations.

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