The American rock star, "The Boss", Bruce Springsteen and his family can be traced back to County Kildare. 

Christy Gerrity from Rathangan, Springsteens 2x great grandfatherj was kind of a trouble maker.

According to the Irish Independent, Gerity was in 1823 arrested and put into prison under the Insurrection Act, due to rent payments and related evictions of the time. 

Guglielmo Marconi’s biography reveals an incredible link with the creators of one of the world’s most famous Irish whiskeys.

National Radio Day 2017 is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a look at the incredible Irish connections of radio inventor Guglielmo Marconi and his mother’s famous family. Yes, National Radio Day on August 20 is a day made for the Irish, who have a great fondness for radio, maybe because of our great fondness for chatting and talking.

As the world mourns the loss of the Rhinestone Cowboy, here's what you need to know about the singer's Irish connections. Country legend Glen Campbell passed away at age 81 on August 8 after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.  

The most telling piece of ancestry comes straight from Campbell's mouth. Campbell told the Scottish Daily Record, "My mom Carrie Stone came from Tipperary in Ireland.

Din sædvanlige morgenrutine, arbejdsdag og aften kan nu blive en del af Danmarkshistorien.

Nationalmuseet spørger nemlig alle danskere, om de vil dele en helt bestemt dag i deres liv med kommende generationer.

- Medierne fortæller om specielle begivenheder, men historien består også af hverdagen. Det er hverdagen, samfundet er vævet af, siger Lykke L. Pedersen, seniorforsker på Nationalmuseet.

Researching our ancestors can be a daunting task, figuring out which records have survived over the years as we try to document major events in an ancestor’s life.

One must always keep in mind that county boundaries change. That is why you need to determine the approximate location of your ancestors’ land and then which counties it might have been a part of.

13. juli 1942 klokken 2 om natten blev den tyske Reservepolitibataljon 101, der var stationeret i den polske by Bilgoraj syd for Lublin, vækket og beordret op i ventende lastbiler.

De ca. 500 mand fik udleveret ammunition, og konvojen satte sig i bevægelse.

I næsten to timer skrumplede lastbilerne gennem natten mod Jozefow knap 30 kilometer østpå.

Viewing public records is free if you go to the municipal or religious archives and look them up yourself.

However, if a genealogy company took the time to scan paper-based records from various sources around the world, index them and make it easy to search through mountains of material, you will mostly likely be charged at some point.

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