Today, January 1, 125 years ago, Ellis Island immigration station in New York Harbor opened its doors and welcomed its first immigrant, Annie Moore, who had traveled from Queenstown, County Cork.

In the shadow of the iconic Statue of Liberty the Ellis Island facility was a gateway for over 12 million immigrants arriving at New York City to start their new life in America.

Anita Foeman's students had just gotten the results from their genetic tests, and they couldn't wait to talk.

One said her dad cheered when she told him she has Zulu roots.

When a white student said that 1 percent of his ancestry was African, two black students sitting next to him gave him fist bumps and said: "Yes! Brother."

Science is one of the most remarkable inventions of humankind.

Yet, history also shows us that its been a mixed blessing. Some discoveries have done far more harm than good.

And there’s one mistake you will never read about in those internet lists of the all-time biggest blunders of science.

The worst error in the history of science was undoubtedly classifying humans into the different races.

Fredag strøg Forsvaret fanen for sidste gang på Odense kaserne.

Johannes Lollesgaard, formand for Fyns Militærhistoriske Museum arbejder for at bevare historien. En historie der med lukningen af kasernen har kastet masser af nye effekter af sig til militærmuseet i Dannebrogsgade.

For historien forsvinder ikke, hvis nogen gemmer den for eftertiden.Tag bare et kig på de billeder der følger denne artikel.

Today (Dec 23) is Roots Day, a day devoted to encouraging folks to look in their heritage, family history and ancestry. The fact that it comes just before Christmas aptly illustrates the importance of the meaning of family around Christmas.

Ever wondered about the history behind your Irish last name? Where did your earliest ancestors come from? What was their profession? How did their name change overt the centuries? 

Ever wondered about the history of your Irish surnames or your family name's meanings? Irish surnames and Irish last names are one of the most intriguing parts of our culture and to find your last name origin or from where or what your last name originated is to tell you a lot about the Irish people you are descended from. 

With the help of IrishCentral, you can now take your Irish last name or the surnames you know you are descended from and find these last names' origins in one easy guide.

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