Nelson, 78, grew up in Rockford with his mother, Lucinda, whose roots were Western European — German, Belgian and Dutch — and father, Albert, who was 100 percent Swedish. His four sisters had blond hair and blue eyes; Nelson, the second born, had black, curly hair, an olive complexion and brown eyes.

To explain why he didn't resemble his sisters, Nelson's mother told him...

The wreck of the convict transport Hive was found on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia in 1994. The vessel was transporting 250 Irish convicts to Australia when it was shipwrecked in Jervis Bay in 1835.

Babette Smith's "The Luck of the Irish: How a Shipload of Convicts Survived the Wreck of the Hive to Make a New Life in Australia," tells the story of the surviving Irish prisoners.

A name can tell you a lot about a person, but how many of us know the exact meaning and origins of our last names?

For instance, did you know that the surname Short may originally have been awarded to people simply as a nickname because they were, in fact, very small, or that as many as a quarter of the 20,000 most common surnames in Britain and Ireland are derived from a description of a family relationship, such as Dawson, for example, which means David's son.

Traditionen tro blev årets Koldingbog lanceret onsdag. 

Denne gang handler bogen om Koldings tid som industrisamfund, og hvordan fabrikker som Georg Jensen Damask, Brdr. Volkerts fabrikker og Kolding Strømpefabrik har sat deres præg på nutidens moderne samfund.

- Fortiden og fremtiden er et produkt af fortiden. Den måde vi lever på i dag, afspejler vores fællesfortid som industrisamfund.

Leder og arkivarved Lokalhistorisk Arkiv i Ringe, Jacob Bang Jensen, fylder 85 år.

I 1979 stiftede Jacob Bang Jensen sammen med Ringe Bibliotek og Ringe Museum en Lokalhistorisk Forening og grundlagde et arkiv i Ringe, og det har han selv været leder af lige siden.

Godt hjulpet af fru Käthe Lindequist Jensen, og arkivlokalerne oppe over Ringe Biblitek er deres andet hjem.

Owen Brennan, father of CIA Director John Brennan and a native of County Roscommon, was once a blacksmith in his native land. He worked for an Anglo-Irish family, the McCalmonts, in what is now the Mount Juliet Estate, complete with plush hotel and golf course, in County Kilkenny. Owen slept upstairs from the stables in a loft.

Entering the Big House was forbidden, especially for a lowly blacksmith who was expected to know his station.

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