When we think of history, we’re tempted to think of names, places and dates.

However, for genealogists looking to find their family heritage, history is a very personal experience that can take you back in the time.

If you know where to look and know who to ask there is a whole world of information to discover.

David Wentz of Naperville poses with portraits of four generations of his family.

It started early this year with a yes or no question: Is attorney David Wentz of Naperville related to scientist Myron Wentz, who recently made a major donation to North Central College in Naperville for rights to name its science center?

All he knew was both families came from Germany. 

She’s still in middle school, but Taylor Krout has written her life story.

The 11-year-old incoming sixth grader prepared an autobiography this year, squeezing the pages into a 3-inch binder packed with her family history. “It’s not as hard for me as it would be for other kids, because in my class, I was known as the fastest writer with my hands” said Taylor.

A few years ago I made a trip to Virginia to do some research on my family.

While I was there I met and talked with several people.

Then about a year later I received a telephone call from a man in Virginia. He had apparently talked with some of the people I had visited and they suggested he call me for some help with his grandfather.

Tuesday the International African American Museum (IAAM) announced the launch of its Center for Family History – an innovative national genealogy research center dedicated solely to celebrating and researching African American ancestry.

The center will engage in genealogy education, original research, community archiving, public outreach, and collections.

It will also assist with DNA testing.

Hartley creates memories in glass, while incorporating photographs and momentoes of treasured moments.

In a glass wall-hanging homage to her grandmother and great aunts, who were quilters and weavers, Hartley encased fabrics and photographs, and wove copper foil on the corners, a six and a half hour effort to complete the weave, apply the solder, remove flecks and apply patina and polish.

Most genealogists rely on Google as their search engine of choice. Google seems to coddle the user by helping find whatever the searcher wants. I prefer Google for anything I am looking for on the Internet. It gives me the answer I am looking for quickly.

Google has a few basics for the unseasoned researcher to remember. Always use......

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