Do you have emigrants in the family? We have now added a number of new passenger lists from the most famous ports where Norwegian immigrants first set foot on American soil. The new data collection is available to anyone with MyHeritage data subscriptions, and includes passenger lists from Ellis Island and other areas in New York. The collection includes entire 8.27 billion historical documents from the 1820 - 1957 period, and is a treasure chest for us who have "over there" - or who are looking for information about ancestors emigrating to the United States.

Norway was today elected as a member of UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage Committee. Norway's delegation to the committee is led by Riksantikvar Jørn Holme and Senior Vice President Berit Lein in the Environment Directorate.

The World Heritage Committee decides the World Heritage List with the planet's most important cultural and natural heritage sites. The committee is considered a prestigious committee in the UN system.

Norway is a member of the World Heritage Committee for the 2017-2021 period.

Tov Johannesson Murukleiv was a big river from Heddal in Telemark, as there are still stories about the district.

Murukleiven was feared in the hometown and had stolen on countless farms. He also traveled around other villages and stole, and came to Sweden, among other things. In addition, he was able to escape from sheriff and arrest.

A national free database that is updated at any time and contains the vast majority of published death ads in Norway (+ 95%).

A couple of days ago I received an email from a nice lady, Hege, in Adstate AS. They are a company that has digital tools for funeral agencies, such as death ads, memory sites, etc. Almost all funeral agencies in Norway (and now, after all, Sweden) use their solutions to make death ads to a newspaper so they have a community site for all funeral agencies.

The name does not shame, it is said, but when you are researching genera, you can start to trick. Some names are invisibly beautiful, while others are a bit incomprehensible in our time.

Name researcher Ivar Utne says that; names often go on 100-year cycles or around. Therefore, the name that was (much) in use at the beginning of the 1900 number will fit well now.

Grandfather Nordahl Aubert Rødsand (He had three surnames for his name) was one of the 17 siblings who were born around 100 years ago.

The DNA team at MyHeriage consists of a number of talented researchers who burn for genetics. It works with a goal for the eye: helping MyHeritage users understand where they come from using DNA. In this blog post, you can become better acquainted with our DNA experts. Yaniv: Professor Yaniv Erlich is the chief of our DNA team and he is MyHeritage's own DNA rock star.

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