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The latest Digital Archive website was launched this summer. And it must be said, there are not a few who have torn the hair, banned, gray, almost given up all genealogical research because of the big changes. I have been active with Slekt og Data Oslo / Akershus on both Genealogies and Search Assistance at the National Archives / Oslo City Archive in recent months, and have received many questions about functions, "Where do I find ..." and "Why do not I find ....

Saturday and Sunday - 14 and 15 October invites Vålerenga History Team to its annual photo exhibition! The exhibition is much more than a photo exhibition, it also has objects, art, book sales, waffles ... and lots of nice people! Take the trip as well! (unfortunately, genealogists are not in place this year either ...)

In addition, next year's calendar is ready, so it will probably be for sale too. rejoice!

The genealogical researcher got a never so bad shock a couple of days ago. We woke up to the news that MyHeritage has purchased Legacy FamilyTree and Legacy FamilyTree Webinar.

Geoff Rasmussen and me under Rootstech 2017 - photo: Meg

MyHeritage as a company is seen by many in our sphere as a big ugly wolf (badly done to the wolf), money machine without conscience, without empathy for our customers, and spreading "family virus" on a large scale.

It's really sad that archives and other relevant institutions for us genealogists also take summer vacation. It is during the holidays that many have the opportunity to go on a trip to the family's origins, and maybe also visit the local library, state archive or city archive!

If you have plans, I recommend checking the site of the institution you want to visit and double check that they are actually open or if they have reduced summer opening hours.

Even a post that has been out before, but I have chosen to publish again, as this is a government recurrent "problem."

When the year a census was to apply, is essential for a couple of essential information for a genealogist. One is - the persons included in the census? And the second is the ability to calculate age appropriate. (Remember that if you look in person data on 1865 census of Digital Archives, it is placed at birth.

part of his own book collection

National Library now provides that an amount bygdebøker is digitized and made available to the "common people." And, the National Library is currently working on a new user interface, new search engine, and new viewers. We had the pleasure to see a demonstration of this Union representative conference to Genealogy and Data over the weekend, and what we saw, made me optimistic.

But I'm still a little u-digital, and there are still amounts of bygdebøker which is not available on

There are many of us who have relatives in Sweden. There are many of us who have a lot of relatives in Sweden. I have a grandmother with Swedish parents, I have a grandfather with Swedish grandparents (all from Bohuslan), and I have a grandmother with Swedish grandmother (Stockholm).

For this reason (since I'm so Swedish), I obviously subscription and occasionally also on Swedish national archive digital forskersal.

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