One month after Sophia wrote history as the world's first human robotic citizen in Saudi Arabia, she hopes it could be family life for robots, too, reports the BBC.

During an interview with the Khaleej Times, the robot expressed Sophia that one day she could have her own family with children. Make friends, become famous and a career.

After occupation, the struggle began with who owns the occupation's history.

It is still in progress, in constantly new books.

Ulstein's books about Kompani Linge, on English, Swedish traffic and intelligence services are based on countless walks along the coast, up in the mountains and into the woods to listen to those who were involved.

Just over two weeks ago, Anita Krohn Traaseth, Director of Innovation Norway and the NRK profile Hans Olav Brenner had never met. Now they own a former pastor's house together.

For Hans Olav Brenner, it is mostly about the story that hides in the walls. In the days before the expiry of the deadline, he immersed himself in piles of written sources at the National Archives.

Rune Andersen has imitated other people on stage.

But when he makes his most difficult and important performance, he is about to handle himself.

Central to the performance called "The Happiness", are the wounded experiences he and his three sisters have from childhood with a violent father.

Genealogy is becoming more and more popular, and twice a month, Moss Historielag offers free digging. The first Tuesday of each month is welcome to Moss Library, the third Tuesday of each month, the family's first aid is given in the history building, Justus, at Orkerød on Jeløy.

It is rare to see newly produced exhibitions today that are so classical and contain neither interactive items, personal stories, nor signs that the school-social people have been involved in making the exhibition (they may have been, even if it does not seem in the result).

These are otherwise strong trends in exhibition development today.

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