A new full yearbook from Fosen Historielag has just come out.

This year's book has a case of Leidulf Hafsmo, - Childhood at Fosen.

Alf Hammervold writes about Gullringen from the Reinchamber and Johan G Foss has a full story about Fiskevær, Screifiske og landvorde (an old fishing fee) in Fosen during the Reformation period.

- We have shaved the budget. Further down we can not go if we are going to give a story.

The history of Fosen is about preparing regional history for the coastal municipalities in Sør-Trøndelag. First volume came in 2005, second volume must be available in 2019.

Neither Snillfjord, Hitra nor Frøya had paid in this book project, some Fosen municipalities had paid all or part of the sum.

Soon, it's 50 years since Hitra's sports team saw today's light. For this reason, the Board wishes to have a jubilee report so that the story has been gathered for posterity.

The problem is that there are very few sources from the first few years.

Brother Blichfeldt in the sports team hardly believes protocols and other papers are thrown.

"Proprietary Parelius paa Hitteren and trading post Hopsø" came out of print and is ready for Easter indented on Hopsjøbrygga.

The booklet was first published in 1993.

Through 32 image tiled pages you get a kind of short version of Hopsjø history as one of the most important trade centers along the Norwegian coast from 1700's and beyond.

Elisabet Hansson from Malmo to wonder if some of Hitra-Frøyas readers pulling recognize any of these people. Elizabeth's grandmother is from Freya, and the images she found in a photo album she has inherited from her grandmother.

- As my grandmother comes from Freya, assuming rush that family at the pictures came from there. I could be wrong, but must start looking somewhere.

You have to have both time and patience when one engages in genealogy. Arne Guldbrandsen has had both. Just before Christmas came the result of 15 years of work in book form.

Imagine that you are raised in 1800's siblings seven. Home The place is a mountain farm in Valdres. More bad years in a row, poor harvests, and the farm can no longer feed the family.

"Doctor boat - A tale of family Hammer Volds ambulance service in Freya 'has been well received and sold well since the launch 12. December, says Johan G. Foss in Fosen historielag. Now there will be the opportunity to get the author's signature in the book.

This boat, with Einar Hammervold and later his son Aasmund at the helm, catering physician the ride in the hard increased area at the tip of Trøndelsgskysten in 40 years.

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