Annikken from Oslo discovered dramatic family history:

When 19 years old Ellen Lunney raped her life was over. She had lost the innocence and had nothing to lose.

- His father had fled after the potato famine in their homeland and started a new life for themselves and their family in Kansas.

Just like many of today's refugees sought better opportunities for their families in the New World.

One of the most important Nordic manuscripts from the Middle Ages.

The original, which is contained in only one copy, is Island.Den first section, "King gift" was penned 1380-87.

It is now published in Norwegian, in three volumes translated from Icelandic "Flateyjarbók."

King's no core of Norwegian history. But not necessarily the truth.

In practice, many places in the country was not a "no" to the Germans, it was a confused "tja". And especially in Oslo, the city that the country's political leadership and the royal family had left. Pragmatics took uncomfortably fast over. Life had to go on.

Literature can change the image we have of the past, says Ragnhild Evang Reinton. In her new book she deals with work that does just that.

- Literature can change the solidified pictures we have of what was. History research transforms constantly perceptions we have of a bygone age, but literary texts brings out how it is experienced from the inside of the individual human being.


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Just outside Berlin is the remains of Hitler's only concentration camp for women. For 70 years ago came Bernadotte white buses here and rescued 95 battered Norwegian prisoners. One of them was my own grandmother.

In a few decades after the war she was in my hometown, Hammerfest, also ironically referred to as "Mrs. Stalingrad."

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Find Schau was astounded when he read in the father's diary. Gertrude Jynge inherited a wall of family photos from grandmother. Bente Børsum played 200 notions mother. They all have immersed themselves in their own families. Why?

I thought that he must be more than a dad who comes and goes, says actor Find Schau. He was only 14 years when he surreptitiously read his father's diary.

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Karoline Andersen andKarl Oskar Nilsen became parents to little Rudolf 28. February 1901. The family rented a studio apartment on the fourth floor in Orknøygata 6 on Vålerenga with kitchen and overlooks the backyard. According to the book Rudolf Nilsen, the man and the poet, his life's work and life story moved them to Ingeborg street 9 in 1902. But City Archives has also recorded them in Strømsveien 8.

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