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It is not a secret, but we are now heading into the fall and with the high season for genealogy. It's getting more legitimate to sit in front of the PC to look into the sources, but also more favorably with a good book in front of the fireplace. Slekt1 has collected 10 books that can make autumn and indoor activities even more welcome.

Norwegian outposts1. Norwegian outposts

Fredrik Larsen Lund follows in his book, his earlier release "Downstairs and Home" (mentioned below) with his eyes on Norwegians emigrated to places other than the American prairie. The book is the first overall production of emigration to countries other than the United States.

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downstairs and home2. Downstairs and home: Norwegians in Australia through 400 years

Fredrik Larsen Lund walks in the footsteps of Norwegian equestrians, community support, killing and accidental birds in Australia. In the book we receive stories of Norwegians who have lived their lives on the other side of the globe from the 1600 century until today. The book is earlier reviewed by Slekt1, when it appeared in 2014.

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33 incredible Norwegians3. 33 incredible Norwegians

The book delivers stories of miraculous and adventurous Norwegians who are possibly in the process of being forgotten. How did Norway's biggest skier hunter, Hans Peder Borgenstierne, get married to more than 400 women? Why did Ole Bull buy 150 white silk fleece caps to save their own state in the United States? And who were the twin couples fighting both against Hitler in Hollywood and during the heavy water campaign in Rjukan?

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Norway's farthest sister4. Norway's worst Nazis: Norwegians and Germans in Hitler's service 1940-45

As the years go by, even the unbelievable exciting spices in the family history become. A few years ago, sheltered and obsolete, today still shattered, but perhaps more exciting. Many Norwegians chose to take the Nazis side during the war and through the book, author Bernt Rougthvedt gives a different approach to the story of 2. World War II in Norway.

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Norwegian odegarder5. Norwegian deserted farms

The evacuation from Norwegian farms has never been as high as it is today. Again there are farms that are slowly decaying and where nature takes over the areas that people previously cultivated and found their way through. Author Øystein Morten and photographer Pål Hermansen take you to abandoned farms all over Norway where the traces of life are being wiped out.

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historical atlas over Oslo6. Historical atlas over Oslo

Christiania / Oslo is one of the best-rated cities in Norway through history, where the oldest map is approx. 400 years old. The book gives an overall chronological representation of the historical maps of Christiania / Oslo. If you have a family from Oslo, you will get through the book a great opportunity to see what the city looked like when your relatives lived in it.

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7. America Letter

Linda Stewart takes in this book Randi Pedersdatter Holtseteren who emigrated from Norway in 1889. Thanks to Randi's handwritten description of what she saw and experienced on her journey, the author gives a unique time frame of the Norwegian emigrant story. The book is also well illustrated.

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genealogist's guide to the emigration 1825 19308. The Genealogist's Guide to the Exodus 1825-1930

Originally, this book came out in 2008 and quickly became a success. This edition is from 2013 and in its second edition. Through the book you will gain insight into the history of emigration, as well as giving an insight into what happened to those who traveled all the way from Norway and until they reached their destination for the journey. Here you will also be able to highlight cross-country transit, a rare illuminated theme.

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on the trail of the family

9. On the trail of the family

In this book, Liv Marit Haakenstad shows you how to use your web and archives to search for your family. The book contains practical examples and also has a separate chapter on DNA and genealogy.

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Norwegian historical lexicon

10. Norwegian Historical Lexicon

The book is one of the few books drawn from the National Library's bookshelf. That is, it is not found even though it was released before year 2000. The only way to read it is to buy it or borrow it in the library. Here you will find information about most aspects of Norway's history from the 1500 century to the middle of the 1800 century. Should you just buy a book, this is essential to the collection.

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