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Raoul Wallenberg saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust.

He disappeared since he was arrested by Soviet troops in Budapest in January 1945.

The questions have been raised by researchers in the Raoul Wallenberg Research Initiative (RWI-70), an international network of historians, lawyers, human rights organizations, survivors of the Holocaust and families of political prisoners.

American researchers have created a huge family tree with around 13 million people.

The tree, which stretches 500 years back in time, not only shows how people have met each other through the centuries, but also how they have moved.

The fact is that all people on earth, both dead and alive, are related to each other.

The mumified woman's identity has cheated scientists for over 40 years, since she found 1975.

The body was discovered when a several hundred years old church in Basel in Switzerland was to be renovated. The woman was buried right in front of the altar. The place, and the fact that she was well dressed, suggested she was wealthy.

On Saturday, experts from Ystadbygden's Family and Rural Disaster Society were sitting in front of the computers at the library in Sjöbo. They were ready to help and try to advance visitors to find old relatives.

Håkan and Annika Wendt took the help of an old article in YA to find relatives in the United States .....

If you want answers to questions about genealogy, you should talk to the expert Ted Rosvall.

After 50 years of genealogical and many books on the subject, he knows what he is talking about.

"It has never been easier to relate to families," he says.

In addition, it requires a year of work - sometimes you stumble across your past ...

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