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Despite Reformation survived the cult of the saint in Sankt Olof Skåne centuries because both people and parish priests in which the protection of the Norwegian saint in its southeastern Skåne disguise. But how started this cult? We have written testimony on how the pilgrims venerated St. Olav?

Carl Linnaeus, who visited the place in 1749, told of superstitious peasants who sought Olav for .....

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Becoming an outlaw meant that he was outside the rule of law and free to be killed by anyone.

The outlaws lost property (sometimes all, sometimes only personal property) and no longer had the right to reside in the country.

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A couple of weeks ago I gave a lecture for a cultural association in Hässleholm, who had recently completed a visit to the island of Bornholm and there have been told that the Holy Graal - which according to legend was drinking vessel of Jesus' last meal that later came to contain the blood of Jesus - is hidden somewhere on one of the island's beautiful round churches.

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Frågan sounds so här: Jag has under one Dygnet or so slagit me bloody against Swedish Wikipedia och also Rune Bergesida.Jag är inte sämre karl än att jag can vika me för någon who knows more, och jag hopes that you can substitute this någon. Jag Havda nämligen with a poor single-mindedness att Johan Ludvig Runeberg, this icon mix finland Swedish författare, Fodder Jakobstad in Sweden 1804.

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Till the most frequent frågorna in my mejlbox hör issues raised RELATED till Swedish Stade - deras ålder, deras historiska significantly, deras gatunät, etc. OFTA är it omöjligt att answer frågorna. The font league källorna for ages Swedish increasingly passionate Habitacion, ochshy at Due bortschaktningar has archaeologist erna big problem.

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In today's blog Hade jag tänkt berättar about one pair of the jullekar as våra people living playing guys male NOTES innan the försvann. In an article inFataburen1917 writes Louise Hagberg about various upptåg that people on 1800-century ägnade himself ate in Halland.

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