Then finally Lotta Lundgren and Erik Haag returned with a new TV series, this time in three parts about the Swedes emigrating during the 1800 century. In fact, we who like history (and genealogy) are getting pampered on television. Nevertheless, one can read from discussions on the internet that there is something missing.

On a regular basis, Lotta and Erik serve us a portion of Sweden's history, this time about the great emigration that took place on the 1800 century to North America.

ArkivDigital has gained access to a few moving cartons with announcements from Malmöhus County. These are now photographed and are available to read if you have a subscription to Arkiv Digital.

At the beginning of the year we wrote a blog post about the equivalent from Skaraborg County. See previous posts.

To find these, write Notifications in New File Search.

Länskungörelser, Malmöhus County I (M) 1765-1798 (1765-1798) Image 150 (AID: v884446.b150, NAD:) Link

As I wrote about in the last post, I've got a match on my Family Tree Dna. There is a woman in Wisconsin in the United States who has the same ana that I have. However, it is a long way back in time and many generations since. More specifically, 10 for me and 12 for her. However, I have not managed to find any other link between us.

As a child, we were expecting well before Christmas Eve, and already a month before we felt the mood, everything was a little secret, everything was a little bit better, everything was a bit cozy and everyone was a little happier. More and more for each day. Most of us were waiting for the Christmas presents. Should I have that doll? Did Mom remember that dress I had pointed to?

If you say girl and boy, then many thoughts go straight to Lina and Alfred in Katthult, who apparently lived a nice and enjoyable life in the little idyll of the Dutchman Anton. But having a housewife at the earliest could be so hard and hard with long working days and laborious tasks.

"Throughout history and very far in the future, households formed the basis for people's livelihood.

The "Norden Association of General Practitioners" in the Göteborg archives contains a lot of interesting for the researcher in Bohuslän in general and on the islands of Tjörn and Orust in particular.

The collector's originator is one of the highest-ranking researchers, chief physician John Anders Nordström (1896-1983), Tjörn County Officer, who, in addition to his occupation as a doctor in Vadstena, devoted his time to family and local history research, focusing primarily on Tjörn and Orust in earlier times.

Today, we have genealogy reasons to welcome death, in the form of the seventh edition of SWEDEN'S DEATH.

Earlier versions of this monumental database have been greeted annually by genealogists.

However, it should be said that Sweden's death book 2017 is only a pre-release version of the final product if maybe a year or so.

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