This summer, we published a blog post about launching the photography of church books from the Nebraska-based Swedish-American parishes. See tidigare inlays. Since then, we have been working on full, as well as photography and publishing of the material.

We have photographed many different types of materials, ranging from parish books, birth, marriage and death books to protocols, accounts and much more. We have published a total of 110 000 images, from 110 different assemblies.

ArkivDigital has gained access to a few moving cartons with announcements from Malmöhus County. These are now photographed and are available to read if you have a subscription to Arkiv Digital.

At the beginning of the year we wrote a blog post about the equivalent from Skaraborg County. See previous posts.

To find these, write Notifications in New File Search.

Länskungörelser, Malmöhus County I (M) 1765-1798 (1765-1798) Image 150 (AID: v884446.b150, NAD:) Link

The "Norden Association of General Practitioners" in the Göteborg archives contains a lot of interesting for the researcher in Bohuslän in general and on the islands of Tjörn and Orust in particular.

The collector's originator is one of the highest-ranking researchers, chief physician John Anders Nordström (1896-1983), Tjörn County Officer, who, in addition to his occupation as a doctor in Vadstena, devoted his time to family and local history research, focusing primarily on Tjörn and Orust in earlier times.

ArchiveDigital and the Norwegian Family History Association have initiated a collaboration aimed at making interesting source material more readily accessible to its subscribers and members by switching images.

The first bytes of images on source material have recently been completed.

The Norwegian Association of Family History Associations can now take part in the extensive consultation of senior physician JA Nordstrøm with family studies and local history extracts, and more from Bohuslän, and especially the socks on the islands of Tjörn and Orust, as well as Magnell's collections of judicial copies from Gillberg and Jösse hills in Värmland.

Researching in larger cities can often be both difficult and time consuming. For those who study in Stockholm, there is now a welcome addition to the Archiv Digital Register of Persons to many of the church books.

During the fall, ArkivDigital has regularly published photographed church registers for the parishes in the city of Stockholm. We have photographed records for birth, marriage and death books as well as house interrogation and moving lengths. The registries are found in the archive images of the respective parish (in the form of images, at present, the registry is not digitally searchable).

Now we have published another aerial photo archive in ArkivDigital - AB Stockholms Aero / Bromma Flygbild.

AB Stockholms Aero, also known as ASA airline, was a player in Swedish public flights from 1950 and up to 1965. Flying schools operated at several locations in the country, engaged in aerial photography and were also involved in the sale of Auster aircraft.

When the company went bankrupt 1965, the flights were bought by Bromma Flygbild. This company was then active between 1965-1970.

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