In November, we introduced the new DNA Basics blog series where we answer some of the most common questions. MyHeritage DNA users ask about DNA testing for family history. We'll delve into MyHeritage DNA features and the science behind the technology, giving you a clearer understanding of the exciting world of DNA and genealogy. Inheriting DNA In the last post, we discussed how DNA is inherited by children from their parents.

Sidney (Szaje) FinkI spent many hours as a high school and college student in the famous lion-guarded New York Public Library, researching term papers. On one visit, I picked up a dusty book - the title now forgotten. Out fell a postcard photo of a blue-eyed soldier.

We are excited to announce major updates and improvements to DNA Matching rolled out today for all our users. Anyone who took a MyHeritage DNA test, and anyone who uploaded DNA data from another service, will now receive more accurate DNA Matches; more plentiful matches (about 10x more); fewer false positives; meer specifieke en meer accurate relatie schattingen; and indications on lower confidence DNA Matches to help focus research efforts.

Your grandmother had one. So did your mother. I'll bet you also have one. At the back of a high closet shelf, in the basement, in the attic, you have some kind of a container. It may be a old metal box that holds cookies a lifetime ago, an old shoe box or hatbox, a modern plastic container with a snap-on lid, or even a handy-dandy sealed plastic bag stuck in a drawer.

President Abraham Lincoln is known for his many groundbreaking political moves that changed the face of America. As the 16th President of the United States, he was remembered for abolishing slavery, leading the Union to victory in the Civil War, and issuing other transformational policies. He is also known for one more thing - his iconic beard. His distinguished look appears on the US $ 5 bill, and many people can easily identify him by his picture.

Do you have a mystery in your family that you are itching to solve? Maybe you found a war medal tucked away in an old box and you do not know who it belonged to. Or maybe you found a mysterious cover with initials you do not recognize. Many people run into brick walls in their genealogy research. Når du kommer over de här familjen mysterier, vil du sikkert være venstre med brennende spørgsmål og ingen til å slå til for svar.

2017 has been an exciting year filled with new technologies and innovations, incredible family reunions, and much more. Takk for joining us for the ride! As we approach the end of the year, now is a great opportunity to look back at everything we did in 2017, as we prepare for even bigger developments in 2018. Do not miss the scoops at the bottom of this post where we reveal new announcements for the first time!

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