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Many genealogists have written their own genealogy books either for themselves and their families and for the wider public. Not everyone chooses to write a book about the whole genus, but concentrate instead on only one person who might have a slightly more "exciting" story to tell.

If you are considering writing a family book you might want to take a trip to your local library. They sit as a rule of tens, if not hundreds of genealogy books. Seek a librarian and ask for the genealogy books stands, these are marked with dewey number 929.2 and can give you many tips on how a family book should or can be printed.

Those who choose to write experiencing However, often it was a bigger job than they first thought. But if you reach the finish you are no longer at the mercy of the book will be assumed by the existing publishers. Several companies provide press your book in a given number of copies, to give it its own ISBN number and get it into the book databases. This quickly becomes a costly affair if you do not sell as many books.

Legal publishing - One of several publishers that helps you get your book published

Licentia Publishing - Another option, if you want to give out book

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