By Starup fand arkæologer from Museum Jutland Haderslev renewed track af an angle farm during a udgravning between Starup Skolevej and Brorsbøl.

The farm has weather habitable in the first or andet century after Christ's birth - in older Roman Iron Age.

Per Ethelberg and Hans Chr. Andersen has both many years of experience with their arbejde.

Christian Aagaards bog is a summary af former udgivet, a kind udvidet resumé.

It consists af mini-biographies af the five Danish topnazister.

Our Readers get a part that vide their baggrund and nothing about their motive for that traed in Nazi service, as well as what they foretog himself during the war, and - for those officers concerning - their further Skæbne.

"Aarhus narrating" is a Udstilling about Aarhus' and the Danish købstæders history since the Vikings (800-1100) until today.

There is 800 square meters underground to Udstilling, which is located at the Old Bys 1974-Afsnit.

Queen clipped the red line over to udstilingen all next af Sallings butiksvindue, where there is skabt a fictional model af Aarhus.

Traditionen faith grew year Koldingbog Lancer Wednesday.

This time all the shoulder about Kolding's time as an industrial society, and how factories that Georg Jensen Damask, Brdr. Volkerts factories and Kolding Strømpefabrik have sat their Praeger on the contemporary modern society.

- The past and the future is a product af past. The Maad we live in today, afspejler Often fællesfortid as an industrial society.

The blind writer Jan Feddersen has igen revised its bog about gesture history and among other things, funded one rækket "nyheder" in ancient documents.

Here is huge and småt, hyggeligt and frygteligt and inddelt in foreseeable chapters.

Most of it is old, but there will also be incredibly very enjoy for most.

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