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The following is a Plus Edition article written by and copyright by Dick Eastman. 

The following article is for anyone who needs to send a large number of identical, or nearly identical, email messages. Perhaps you need to send 1,000 messages to attendees of your society’s annual conference. Perhaps you write a blog and would like to offer email subscriptions to your articles. In either case, using a 50-year-old technology called email can greatly increase the number of readers you have.

Even if you’re the kind of person who scorns tasteless green beer, you might enjoy a Guinness for Saint Patrick’s Day. And why not? Unlike shamrock pins and wild partying sure to take place on March 17th, Guinness drinking really is a longstanding tradition in Ireland, as well as the Irish diaspora. But it’s a folk tradition that’s inextricably tied up with almost a century of commercial advertising, according to Brenda Murphy, a gender studies professor at the University of Malta.

Yes, I was “Shanghai’d” in more ways than one.

A week ago, I wrote a brief announcement saying I was going on vacation, spending a few days in Shanghai, China. The announcement is still available at http://bit.ly/2p9lcpZ. I also stated that, “I probably will publish a few new articles in this newsletter during the week but not as many as usual. Also, that is true only if the Great Firewall of China cooperates.

A free online searchable database called the “1771 Massachusetts Tax Inventory” is available online. While the title says “Massachusetts,” keep in mind that what is now the state of Maine was still a part of Massachusetts at that time. Since the database includes all of what was then the Province of Massachusetts Bay, the property owners in what is now Maine are also listed in this database.

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