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MyHeritage Founder and CEO Gilad Japhet reveals his personal history in honor of this year’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day, in memory of his ancestors who were victims of one of the most tragic human experiences this world has ever witnessed. Read his story below. Last year, I wrote a post on Facebook dedicated to the memory of my paternal family members from the Patt/Japhet family who perished in the Holocaust.

“Aida’s Secrets” is a touching documentary that tells the true story of two brothers separated as young children in post-World War II Europe. They hadn’t seen one another in 65 years — until MyHeritage reunited them! New York Times Critics’ Pick “Aida’s Secrets” is now available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon. Izak Szewelewicz was born in the Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp after WWII.

Many of us hunger for information about our ancestors’ lives. Perhaps we have clues about where they lived and what they did, but we want to know more about their lives. Why and how did they make those decisions that would impact future generations? A MyHeritage user from Brazil had this question. She wanted to learn more about her great-grandparents when they lived in the US.

Lonely Planet is the go-to content destination for travelers all over the world seeking to plan and design their next trip. Four Lonely Planet staffers took a MyHeritage DNA test to discover their roots and inspire their travels. Destination Editor Megan Eaves-Egenes plans to visit Turkey and Iran, now knowing that one of her ancestors may have come from that part of the world.

In November, we introduced the new DNA Basics blog series where we answer some of the most common questions MyHeritage DNA users ask about DNA testing for family history. We’ll delve into MyHeritage DNA features and the science behind the technology, giving you a clearer understanding of the exciting world of DNA and genealogy. Inheriting DNA In the last post, we discussed how DNA is inherited by children from their parents.

Sidney (Szaje) FinkI spent many hours as a high school and college student in the famous lion-guarded New York Public Library, researching term papers. On one visit, I picked up a dusty book – the title now forgotten. Out fell a postcard photo of a blue-eyed soldier.

We’re excited to announce major updates and improvements to DNA Matching rolled out today for all our users. Anyone who took a MyHeritage DNA test, and anyone who uploaded DNA data from another service, will now receive more accurate DNA Matches; more plentiful matches (about 10x more); fewer false positives; more specific and more accurate relationship estimates; and indications on lower confidence DNA Matches to help focus research efforts.

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