Update at The Legal Genealogist

Even people like The Legal Genealogist — who generally focuses on the past — occasionally need to look to the future.

At least if they don’t want their readers and even their web hosting company to be annoyed with them because everything is breaking under the hood.

Which is where this website basically is today.

The engine is slowing down, the brake pads need replacing, the oil should be changed.

Survey says…

It was spelled out in the law: “the territory ceded by individual States to the United States, which has been purchased of the Indian inhabitants,” was to be divided into “townships of six miles square, by lines running due north and south, and others crossing these at right angles…”1

And, the law said, “The lines shall be measured with a chain.”2


What exactly is a chain anyway?

Remembering the fallen and those who remembered them

It is Memorial Day here in the United States; today is the official holiday, the end of the three-day weekend, during which we honor those who gave all for the cause of American freedom.

It was added to the federal holiday calendar in 1888 as Decoration Day1 and moved to the Monday holiday calendar along with Labor Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day in 1968.

Action needed in advance

So those of us who tested on 23andMe before the whole kerfluffle with the FDA and access to health reports are finally seeing some action in transitioning our accounts over to the new 23andMe reporting system.

The Legal Genealogist finally got the email yesterday saying my own account will be one of the ones shifted over to the new system “by the end of August.

A family matter

So here’s a question for you…

What exactly do these two people have in common?

You may recognize the person on the left. The Legal Genealogist. Blogger. Speaker. Genealogist with a law degree.

Let me introduce you to the person on the right. Tamara Rasheed. Author. Speaker. Budding genealogist.

So… What exactly do these two people have in common?

Well, an interest in genealogy, of course.

Changes in terms of use announced

The genealogical community spoke… and a genealogical company listened.

MyHeritage has thoroughly revised its terms of use for its newly-announced DNA Matching service — and the terms that the community may have had qualms about are now gone. Even the problem with what permissions are required and what’s merely requested has been addressed.

The Legal Genealogist wrote about the earlier, more restrictive terms of use for the about-to-be-launched DNA matching service in Sunday’s blog post, MyHeritage DNA matching & terms of use.

The meaning of a word

It’s a powerful word.

A fascinating word.

To a law geek like The Legal Genealogist, a lovely word.

And it’s a word, I suspect, most of us misuse just a wee bit on those occasions when we do use it, depending on time and place.

The word: mayhem.

It popped up yesterday in that definitive treatise on the common law — Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England, Book Four: Of Public Wrongs — and I wasn’t at all surprised to find it explained there that the law regarded mayhem as a criminal act.

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