The OldNews USA app is a free Android app for easily discovering articles that mention your ancestor on Chronicling America.

Many genealogists and family historians research newspapers for obituaries.

With this sleek app you will be inspired to dig even deeper and discover every instance where your ancestor is mentioned on Chronicling America.

It does not take long to get overwhelmed to the point you forget some of the basics to being a well rounded genealogy researcher. If you are just beginning or feel like you are starting over, review the reminders below that are easily overlooked.

Save the JPEGS

It used to be that photos were stuffed in the sock drawer without a name or date on the back.

People from many different levels are researching their ancestors, and everyone is striving to learn about techniques and resources at their disposal. Everyone has started a different way learning as they go. If you have been involved for any length of time, you are probably aware of the topics that can get people a little hot under the collar.

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