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Do you have a document or even a full-length book that you would like to enter into a computer’s database or word processor? You could re-type the entire thing. If your typing ability is as bad as mine, that will be a very lengthy task. Of course, you could hire a professional typist to do the same, but that is also expensive.

The ManyRoads web site has published a list of the various known sources of information about the victims of National Socialism from 1938 through 1945. The resources include information and data on persons known to have been persecuted on political grounds or for religion, nationality, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicaps, and other reasons as well.

The sites include information on Sinti and Roma (Gypsies), intellectuals, homosexuals, Catholics, Jews, and political opponents.

2017 has been an exciting year filled with new technologies and innovations, incredible family reunions, and much more. Thank you for joining us for the ride! As we approach the end of the year, now is a great opportunity to look back at everything we did in 2017, as we prepare for even bigger developments in 2018. Don’t miss the scoops at the bottom of this post where we reveal new announcements for the first time!

In light of the holiday season, we wanted to add a fun feature to your family tree! Now when you log in to see your family tree it will be holiday themed. Falling snowflakes, colorful wrapped presents, hanging Santa hats, and fully stuffed stockings will be scattered around your tree.

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