This is a guest post by Carolyn Tolman, a project manager at Legacy Tree Genealogists, the recommended research partner of MyHeritage. Legacy Tree Genealogists has been providing full-service genealogical research for clients worldwide for over 13 years. Their team of genealogists help clients discover their roots and personal history through records, narratives, and DNA.

Christmas took on a whole new meaning this year for Margie Lee and her family. From the age of 6, Margie knew that she was adopted. Her adoptive mother always encouraged her to find her biological family. When I was little, I used to walk around saying, I don’t look like you guys, I don’t look the same. Margie always wondered where she came from.

I normally don’t publish articles on weekends but this one incident is important enough to make an exception:

Ancestry was notified this week by a security researcher that the researcher had found a hole in Ancestry’s online security that affected a small number of Ancestry subscribers. A file containing email addresses/usernames and password combinations from a server was exposed to anyone who knew where to look for it.

I am taking a couple of short breaks over the holidays. I am flying north to be with family over Christmas and Boxing Day.

I almost never publish new articles on weekends anyway. Because of the Christmas events and my travel plans, I don’t plan to publish anything on Monday, Christmas Day, and probably not on Tuesday, the 26th (known as Boxing Day in many countries).

The following announcement was written by the folks at Open Archives:

Open Archives ( gives access to a database with 174 million persons from records from Dutch and Belgian archives. The genealogical information also contains relation information: who is married to whom and who are the parents. Open Archives now uses this knowledge (as any genealogist would) to look up the ancestors of a person and to construct a pedigree chart.

See below for details of the closures arrangements of the major repositories and research facilities over the festive season.


PRONI The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland will close at 4:45pm on Friday 22 December and re-open at 10am on Thursday 28 December. It will also be closed on Monday 1 January 2018, re-opening at 10am on Tuesday 2 January. (Note: the usual Thursday late nights will not resume until 11 January.

After a lull of some months, during which it's been concentrating on English, Scottish and Welsh papers, the British Newspaper Archive has added another Irish title – The Evening Telegraph – to its online database.

This paper, published in Dublin, was launched in 1871 as a weekly and had a strong Irish nationalist outlook. While it retained its political stance, it soon changed to a daily paper.

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