So far, I’ve taken just one DNA genealogy test —

Then there’s Nancy Milliken Mason....

She has taken all three well-known genetic tests for genealogy, including AncestryDNA, which estimates ethnic ancestry and also offers email connections and family tree info on your cousins — most of mine were fourth cousins. Mason also has used Family Tree DNA and 23andme.The websites for these are..

If you’re looking for your Canadian ancestors, there are a number of materials out there that can help.

1. The Drouin Collection is now available through It comes from the work of  Joseph Drouin, who founded the Drouin Genealogical Institute, and captures more than 25 million French-Canadian and English vital and church records, starting in 1621 and ending in 1967.

2. The PRDH (Research Programme in Historical Demography) ....

When I began my search for the Scottish ancestors of my great-great-grandmother, Mary Alice (Cummings) Bennett Lord, the painter from Greenville, who lived 1859-1954, the year was about 1977.

Another possible clue to Ga’s Scottish ancestry, from yet another painting.

Clue 1 was the painting of the storm-tossed seas by Tantallon Castle, the subject of one of my dad’s paintings by Ga. We know it’s Tantallon because she wrote it on the back of the canvas.

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I hope you will read the story about Maine native Gary Skillings’ search for his family history, if you haven’t already.

Genealogy is not just a bunch of names, dates and places.

I know that in my gut, especially when I read a family history story such as the one Julia Bayly wrote for the front page of the Bangor Daily News on Thursday, Aug. 20.

Les mer i Bangor Daily News

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