As genealogists, we tend to get stuck, trying to attain the same goals over and over each year. Not so for 2016!

Here are six easy-to-accomplish steps to ratchet up your family research for the coming year.

1. Vary Your Information Sources

Search for new books on genealogy, listen to family history podcasts and attend webinars that intrigue you. Watch genealogy programs...

..we all know we can get a bit too...involved in our research, to the detriment of everything, and everyone else.

Here are just a few telltale signs that “You might be a genealogist if...” feel inclined to share your family tree with everyone plan your vacation around cemetery stops.

The leaves are falling and genealogy is calling, so let’s celebrate Family History Month in North America.

Here are five ways to capitalize on family togetherness, and advance your genealogy research, too.

Record a Relative

Family occasions are the perfect time to grab a digital recorder and sit down with members of your family. Ask them to tell you about their most embarrassing moment, their happiest memory...

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