Genealogy is changing right before our eyes, and we likely are not aware of it, we can’t stop it and will probably enjoy the changes.

Just because a book is old doesn’t mean the family information in it is not valid. It may be more useful because many family members were alive when the book was written and submitted first-hand data about their families.

The newest aid for genealogists that I’ve become aware of is a program called Forever, Inc. It promises to make “it easy to store, organize, share and print your family photos for generations.”

The Forever guarantee states it will preserve, protect and make your photos available for your lifetime plus 100 years. Many of us already have ancestral photos well over 100 years old and are concerned about preserving them for future generations.

Remember when research meant going to the library and searching through the card catalog to find the needed information?

Usually the first thing seen when entering a library was a collection of card catalogs standing in a block waiting for a user — drawers upon drawers of paper cards with information about the library’s holdings.

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