A new study has found that Neanderthals living in Spain around 49,000 years ago, including one nicknamed 'Sid', were treating dental infections and stomach bugs with poplar plants containing painkillers and antibiotics.

Scientists studying the hardened plaque on the teeth from the fossilised remains of a series of Neanderthals found it contained genetic material from an antibiotic producing mould.

Britons with Irish ancestry have been stampeding to obtain a passport from Dublin – so that they are not shut out of the European Union following the turmoil of Brexit.

Up to six million Britons may be eligible and long queues formed at the London passport office late on Friday, with many applicants saying they wanted to retain the right to move freely around the EU.

Highwaymen, baby poisoners and a man jailed for stealing pigs' cheeks all appear in fascinating photo archive of Victorian prisoners.

This fascinating photo archive shows the realities of crime and punishment in Gloucestershire since 18th century.

Details the records of crooks young and old - and includes more than 450 photos of the prisoners themselves.

Haley had the benefit of chatty old relatives when he pieced together his ancestors' journey from slavery to freedom. Yet he confided in no one about his own very complicated life.

Now - as a new version of the TV series makes its debut on Memorial Day - Daily Mail Online can reveal the full story of the big-spending compulsive womanizer.

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