A website meant to help you track down your family’s history is causing some privacy problems. CBS4 has learned at least one local law enforcement agency has recently been alerted to Familytreenow.com.

Officials have been encouraged to remove their personal information as a safety precaution.

Police say the nephew of a dead man exploring his family history on the popular genealogy website Ancestry.com discovered that another man had been using his uncle's identity for more than two decades.

Richard Hoagland, allegedly lived as Terry Symansky, an Ohio man who died in 1991. Hoagland had been married before disappearing in the early 1990s. He was declared legally dead in 2003.

At 55, Kevin Giddins is only now starting to find out who he really is. Just after he was born, his unwed teenage mother gave him up for adoption.With no real family history, and no ties to any of his blood relatives, Giddins was basically a stranger to himself.

When asked if he felt "incomplete," Giddins replied, "Definitely. I knew nothing about me.

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