Bookshops across Italy are refusing to stock a new book written by the son of one of the country's most notorious Mafia bosses.

Signs have appeared in store windows from Sicily to Milan advising customers that the book - called Riina Family Life - won't be found on the shelves and can't be ordered either. It's written by Giuseppe Salvatore Riina, whose father, Toto, is serving multiple life sentences for murder.

The National Records of Scotland genealogy service has been closed until further notice due to a computer virus.

The public search rooms, at New Register House in Edinburgh, were shut on Wednesday 23 March

It followed the discovery of "ransomware" in an admin file.

I was 14 years old when the Berlin Wall came down. It was a huge change for us. People didn't know how it would all turn out. It was very exciting - the start of something new.

At first we visited the West a lot just to see what it was like, and although quite a few people moved away, I stayed.

The findings of a one-off survey of the public from 1939 are about to be released, allowing genealogists to fill a 30-year gap in census records. What will it reveal of a country just beginning to fight a war?

On 29 September 1939, just 26 days after hostilities had been declared, a survey nicknamed the UK's only "instant census" took place.

I forbindelse med 200-årsdagen for de alliertes seier over Napoleon er det lansert et søk for etterkommere av soldatene som kjempet ved Waterloo.

Det er anslått at hundretusenvis av mennesker har slektninger som kjempet i juni 1815 og kampanjen er en av flere som er planlagt for å minnes dette vendepunktet i europeisk historie.

Gruppen Waterloo 200 sier at enhver som kan bevise sin families tilkobling til den britiske, allierte eller franske hær kan søke om å få delta på markeringmessen for 200årsjubileet i St. Paulskatedralen.

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