En talsmand for efterforskerne, der har gennemsøgt et sted i den polske by Walbrzych i jagten på tog og tunnel, siger nu, at intet er fundet.

Efterforskningsholdet har brugt tungt graveudstyr og har gravet dybt på stedet, hvor beboerne siger, at toget og guldet skulle være gemt. Der er brugt jordgennemtrængende radarudstyr, men foreløbig har udgravningen været forgæves.

What’s in a name?

Turns out, it’s a demonstrably better user experience.

At least that was the case for the savvy consumer targeters at Ancestry.com, when they decided to make the shift from obligatory forms of programmatic retargeting -- you know, the kind that leads to banner blindness and, how shall we say, less-than-desirable user experiences.

The first day of the annual Northwest Genealogy Conference drew more than 200 attendees to the Byrnes Performing Arts Center Wednesday, but conference chairwoman Kathy Reece Stuehrenberg expects the event's total attendance to top out at more than 300 by its final day Aug. 20.

"We're focusing more on family histories and stories this year," Stuehrenberg said.

“Ancestral travel is a way of connecting oneself with their progenitors and finding one’s rootedness in a confusing and fast-paced world,” Dallen J. Timothy, a professor at Arizona State University and editor of The Journal of Heritage Tourism, wrote in an email.

The sentiment crosses many ethnic groups.

The motivations of those who make these trips vary, as does what they find.

I've written before about Family Search.

There is an excellent wiki (....) that's part of their web site that brings together the diverse knowledge of the FamilySearch staff with that of other users and places it all at our disposal.

Start your search by typing a location or topic in the search field, or by clicking on the map for the region you'd like to begin.

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