“Ancestral travel is a way of connecting oneself with their progenitors and finding one’s rootedness in a confusing and fast-paced world,” Dallen J. Timothy, a professor at Arizona State University and editor of The Journal of Heritage Tourism, wrote in an email.

The sentiment crosses many ethnic groups.

The motivations of those who make these trips vary, as does what they find.

I've written before about Family Search.

There is an excellent wiki (....) that's part of their web site that brings together the diverse knowledge of the FamilySearch staff with that of other users and places it all at our disposal.

Start your search by typing a location or topic in the search field, or by clicking on the map for the region you'd like to begin.

Police say the nephew of a dead man exploring his family history on the popular genealogy website Ancestry.com discovered that another man had been using his uncle's identity for more than two decades.

Richard Hoagland, allegedly lived as Terry Symansky, an Ohio man who died in 1991. Hoagland had been married before disappearing in the early 1990s. He was declared legally dead in 2003.

MyHeritage has launched “Online Family History Map PedigreeMap,” which plots events and photos from users' family trees on an interactive map.

The interactive map then provides geographical and historical insights from information submitted by researchers.

My Heritage, optimized for tablet devices, is available in 42 languages and provides the ability to see your family history research data.

Military pension records are among the most useful for genealogists and they are full of surprises.

Applications made by widows are among the most exciting.

The widows had to prove their marriages to the veterans and sometimes did this by submitting their actual marriage certificates, pictures of themselves or pages torn from family Bibles.

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