Finnish Heritage Museum Genealogy Committee member Ron Toivonen presented genealogical records to the Rannila family, a Finnish family from Switzerland, at the museum in Fairport Harbor on June 10.

Maria Rannila contacted the Finnish Heritage Museum after discovering that Jyrki’s great grandmother Lempi Ulvos (former last names were Walli and Koski) was born in Fairport Harbor.

I officially started my “tree” in January 2010. I was hooked and enjoyed every minute of my discoveries.

Along the way I found second, third and even fourth cousins. I never expected to find “family” in my search, assuming I would uncover more of the past than the present.

I officially started my “tree” in January 2010.

Jesse Rodriguez was a busy man.

Active for more than 50 years in the West Side Lion’s Club, which he helped establish, Rodriguez also belonged to the Alamo Council of the Navy League and was an avid genealogist, researching his own family, and that of his late wife, and writing a book in both English and Spanish to help others get started in discovering their roots.

The Coeur d’Alene woman was sold as a newborn for $100 – one of possibly dozens of babies whose fates were orchestrated by Gertrude Pitkanen, a notorious Montana abortionist and midwife who arranged black market adoptions.

No records were kept of who Livergood’s birth parents were, leading her to a 45-year search for where she came from.

Bern Township author James M. Beidler's second book on genealogy, "Trace Your German Roots Online: A Complete Guide to German Genealogy Websites", has been released by Family Tree Books.

The book is a follow-up to Beidler's "The Family Tree German Genealogy Guide," which was printed by the same publisher in 2014.

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