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The free site is managed by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the GaeltachtSome eleven weeks on from my load blog post om den (stadige) fremskridt af det statsstyrede projekt for at fuldstændig eller i det mindste opdatere GROs civile fødsels, ægteskabs og dødsregisters samling, jeg trodde det var tid til at kontrollere med de beføjelser-at-være at uploade 'november eller derabouts' was still on course.
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The following announcement was written by Valerie Elkins and Pat Richley-Erickson:

Valerie & Myrt's Excellent Genealogy Adventures debuts today

Colorado Springs, CO, Oct 19, 2018 - In anticipation The Genealogy Show in Birmingham, England, US based professional researcher and presenter Valerie Elkins joins blogger and webinar host Pat Richley-Erickson, "Myrt" or DearMYRTLE.com, to announce a new partnership.

"Why not make this trip to the UK, a most excellent genealogy adventure? Every genealogist hopes to travel to ancestral homelands.

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MyHeritage DNA is running a sale in Ireland, the UK and the USA. (Jeg forstår at det også er i Canada og Australia, men jeg har ikke vært i stand til å få tilgang til disse sider for å få opplysninger på grunn av det irriterende geo-locater-widget.)

The discounted price of the MyHeritage DNA testing kit is € 59 | £ 59 | US $ 59, reduced from € 75 | £ 75 | US $ 75, respectively.

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The fact that Denmark-Norway engaged in slave trade is no secret, and Denmark has on several occasions excused the act afterwards. Now, however, two of the slave ships "Fridericus Quartus" and "Christianus Quintus" can be confirmed found outside the coast of Costa Rica.

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Now it's again, for the third time in the fall, a refill in ArkivDigital's birth, marriage and death register. Through cooperation with an individual, as much as 53 000 records born, cousin and death from the Nederluleå parish, from the oldest to the year 1860, has been added to the registry.

Image montage: Search in the personal register Born, parts of Sweden Nederluleå belonged to the Swedish peoples' national parliaments, which explains the large number of register entries. The assembly was named 1831, when Överluleå broke out to its own assembly.

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