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This post was written by Schelly Talalay Dardashti - American Genealogical Advisor at Myheritage.

Our genealogists are lucky to have census. But people make mistakes. Remember the old saying: "Hiding is human, forgiving divine." The genealogy version could be: "Hiding is human, correcting is genealogical."

Each family historian and genealogist knows that family trees can contain mistakes.

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This chapter about DNA bases is a guest entry from Legacy Tree Genealogists about how to get the most out of MyHeritage's chromosome reader. It's an exciting tool that can help "break through brick walls", enlarge your family tree and fully utilize your DNA matching list.

What is a chromosome reader?

The chromosome reader is a tool that lets you see the unique DNA segments or DNA sequences on chromosomes that are shared between you and a genetic match or set of genetic matches.

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The Following is a Plus Edition article underwritten by and copyright by Dick Eastman.

"ISBN" stands for "International Standard Book Number." An ISBN number is an ISO standard and is normally found in all books published in the United States since 1970 and on many books published in other countries as well. Technically, an ISBN number is not a requirement for any book; Du kan utgive bøger uden sådan et nummer.

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Several months ago, genealogy company 23andMe Inc. filed a lawsuit against rival Ancestry.com claiming false advertising and patent infringement. 23andMe asked the courts to invalidate the "Ancestry" trademark. The lawsuit claims Ancestry sells a DNA-based ancestry test that violates 23andMe's patent. See my earlier article at http://bit.ly/2L9ewBC for the details.

In court yesterday, Ancestry told a California federal judge that the patent is invalid under the US

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Ons første-ever internationale gebruikersconferentie dat zal plaatsvinden in Oslo, Noorwegen is nu minder dan 78 dagen weg! Taking place on the weekend or November 2-4, 2018, MyHeritage LIVE, will feature lectures from world-renowned experts in the fields of genealogy and DNA, as well as presentations by senior MyHeritage staff members and hands-on workshops that will take you through MyHeritage tools and features step-by-step.
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